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The wishes of La Décroissance

Vincent Cheynet, editor of the excellent French newspaper La Décroissance, with which we regularly collaborate, makes his wishes for 2022. With reason, he believes with us that this will be the year of choice: resist or collaborate. 

« I wish you a happy new year 2022. I think that this will be the year of a tipping point, either the population will open its eyes and revolt against the health dictatorship, or it will accept it definitively and we will enter an era of Chinese-style social control. « says my friend Philippe Laporte. We must take the measure of what we are experiencing, which is a coup d’état. Police powers are planned to be entrusted to the population: everyone watches everyone else — the definition of a totalitarian system. All of this against a background of injecting experimental gene therapy 4 times a year and soon 6 as the Netherlands has declared it will do.

Delusion, propaganda and its censorship, « vaccine » fanaticism, reign. We are living a real nightmare that even science fiction had not anticipated. This dystopia leads to job losses, bankruptcies, depression, suicide… without the unions or the media fulfilling their function; worse, they collaborate and outbid each other. The mass media are the first responsible: « They have instilled fear, guilt, denunciation and division. They preached covidism, set themselves up as the court of the inquisition, hunted down modern heretics who refused their doxa, now taken up under the name of ‘conspiracists’. » says my colleague Alexandre Penasse of the Belgian magazine Kairos.

A general strike should have been declared long ago. Without this, there is little risk of moving. That the Republicans are elected in 4 months will not change anything: their candidate wants to go even further by confining the « non-vaccinated ».
I think that the philosopher Belhaj Kacem Mehdi is right when he speaks of « the first world civil war ». The damage to family, friends, colleagues, society… will be irreparable for many. This is the purpose of turning the resentment towards power towards the « unvaccinated ». The violence of their designation as scapegoats shows it. 2 years of fear work brings out the worst moral ugliness. We want to eliminate socially, physically, the refractory ones who doubt the Progress which progresses. Those who warned against the type of experience, according to the strongest probability today, at the origin of Covid.

This year 2022, everyone has an appointment with his destiny, that is to say the choice to resist or to collaborate.

Vincent Cheynet, January 4, 2022

More info: http://www.ladecroissance.net

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