The mistake of being right « too soon

A reader of Kairos, noting that some media of the power began belatedly to see themselves obliged to reveal conflicts of interest, which become in fact impossible to keep silent, sent us the following e‑mail, which he addressed to the person in charge of the communication service of Sophie Wilmès:

« Hello Mr. Detry,

Returning from vacation, I am challenged by the reading of 3 articles which leads me to ask you the question below:

- Sciensano’s control, conflicts of interest… In his report to the Special Commission Covid, Yves Coppieters points out serious failures

- 137 days banned from press conferences…  » Penasse v. Belgian State »

- H1N1 vaccines: « Yes, there was a conflict of interest

QUESTION Insofar as the content of today’s article in LaLibre is not very far from the Kairos question of April 15 concerning conflicts of interest, conflicts of interest that were already raised by L’Echo during the H1N1 crisis, will you also exclude La Libre and L’Echo from your press conferences?

And what is your reaction following the publication of the 2 articles below, also by La Libre?

- Open letter to our political leaders: It is urgent to completely review the management of the Covid-19 crisis

- Didier Raoult counter-attacks and denounces « the greatest scientific scandal of all time 

Thanking you in advance for your reply, please accept, Mr. Detry, the assurance of my highest consideration.

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