The inevitable questions
Alexandre Penasse
Page 2

Nuclear: the containment of information worked well for eight months
Paul Lannoye
Pages 3 and 24

Advertising wires
Alain Adriaens
Page 4

Virus and other modern joys
Jean-Pierre L. Collignon
Page 5

« Reality is in crisis » Interview with Christian Godin
Bernard Legros
Pages 6–7‑8

The « next world ». The worst of the world before?
Coordinated by the editorial staff
Pages 9 to 18

A return of collective values in the New Viral Age?
Bernard Legros
Pages 10–11

When democracy is infected by Covid-19
Inès Trépant
Pages 12–13

Confinements of freedom of expression
Olivier Rouzet
Pages 14–15

The lure of media diversity
Alexandre Penasse
Pages 16–17

A little warm milk in the hot tea?
David Tong
Page 18

« We are mammals » Interview with Nancy Huston (2)
Alexandre Penasse
Pages 19 to 21

Seen, read, heard
Pages 22–23

Letters to the editor
Page 23

Free illustration
Page 24

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