Covid-19: the opportunity to continue the business behind the media screen (where only the « good questions » arrive)
Pages 2 and 10 to 13

Fake news are not the prerogative of social networks
Paul Lannoye
Page 3

Eco-responsible poisoning
Daniel Zink
Page 4

Sons of advertising
Alain Adriaens
Page 5

Main basse sur la ville,
Part 1: the Josaphat file: PAD ambiguity?
Scandola Branquet
Pages 6 to 8

« Breaking the vicious circles », interview with Olivier De Schutter
Robin Delobel
Page 9

The hunt for the man is on
Alain Adriaens
Pages 14–15

What kind of health tomorrow? profitability logic, political indifference and Covid-19…
Meeting with « La Santé en lutte« 
Pages 16 to 17

Digital school:
the Covid-19 changes (almost) nothing
Bernard Legros
Page 18

Containment and degrowth
Jean-Luc Pasquinet
Page 19

La5G? The « Master Buyer« 
Alexandre Penasse
Page 20

Debt and health crisis
Robin Delobel
Page 21

Reviews / Letters to the editor
Pages 22–23

Jean-Pierre Léon Collignon
Page 24

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