The kairos 37 is out, in bookstores from today and tomorrow.

In summary:

With 5G… all guinea pigs?Paul Lannoye; Belgium and the restitution of African cultural goods, Robin Delobel; Ecolo Schaerbeek : Nepotism and unpaid overpayment, Claude Archer; Greece looks bad, Valery Witsel, Decarbonizing the climate, Michel Weber; Sons of pub, Alain Adriaens; The useful idiots of the imperial reconquest, Jean-Pierre Garnier; The identity refuge, Alain Adriaens; Venezuela, repetitions make the truth, Thomas Michel; The reality of squats in Brussels, Texas Vandervliet; « It’s a scandal! « , Jean Pierre L. Collignon; The class struggle and its future, Bernard Legros

Plus your short stories, reviews, free speech…

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