[INTERVIEW] The injected have become GMOs — CSI#100

If the messenger RNA injection, falsely sold as protection against Covid-19 and specifically called a « Vaccine », generates the production of a protein by the subject, who in fact becomes a veritable factory, we can consider that the injected human literally becomes a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO). Hélène Banoun, a pharmacist and biologist, has worked specifically on the regulation of messenger RNA products. How are we to interpret the fact that these products, considered to be in the field of gene therapy and therefore subject to a series of strict controls, are no longer so? How can we accept the fact that an experimental product distributed to hundreds of millions of people receives so little attention? In this saga, which led to the current tragedy, we find Anthony Fauci, the US government, Curevac, Sanofi, Moderna, Darpa…, who allowed messenger RNA-type gene therapies to cease to be subject to regulated controls. The open door to their worldwide commercialization… Follow the money they said!

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