Kairos is not invited to the press conference again this May 13. It’s not that Sophie doesn’t want to, she who said a few days ago that « freedom of expression is sacred. The debate also(1). But there are « pools », tournantes … Democratic, isn’t it, when you know that LN24 and RTL are invited to the party every time. 

Well, not all debates, not all expressions. Freedom has its limits: economic interests. Did you realize that, you who follow us by thousands now? 

Exit the culture, the meetings, the theater, the cinema, the libraries… all these things which do not bring in money but bring so much. 

So we would have liked to ask Sophie many questions today, including this one:

Is it a world like the one in this school that you want for us? 

We don’t want it. And in the meantime, we want freedom of the press. Another sound, you hear, Sophie?


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It’s happening now!

Notes et références
  1. Cf. sa réponse à Jérôme Colin,

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