Resuscitation doctor fired for his ideas

Pascal Sacré, resuscitation doctor at the Grand Hôpital De Charleroi (GHDC), was fired on October 20, 2020 for « serious misconduct », apparently because of ideas he shared on the internet. He criticized the Belgian management of Covid-19, mainly on two aspects: the distorted use of PCR tests and their results and the liberal management of the hospitals which, for decades, has led to the current situation. 

Those who, like Pascale Sacré, speak out today, daring to break the false consensus, must be defended and heard. This is what Kairos has decided to do, thus respecting the Munich Charter, Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Journalists, whose first duty stipulates: 

« To respect the truth, whatever the consequences for oneself, because of the public’s right to know the truth

You are the audience. We respect your right.

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