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Open letter to the newspaper La Libre and the IPM Group

To the attention of Mr. François le Hodey, CEO,

To the attention of Mr. Denis Pierrard, General Manager,

To the attention of Mr. Dorian de Meeûs and Mr. Jonas Legge, Editors-in-Chief,

To the attention of Mr. Xavier Ducarme and Mr. Nicolas Ghislain, Deputy Editors-in-Chief,

To the attention of Mr. Francis Van de Woestyne, Chief Editor,

To the attention of Ms. Marie Rigot, Editorial Coordinator,

To the attention of the journalists of La Libre and related media,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Concerning: Response to La Libre’s carte blanche of 19/12/2021: « The government must not be impressed by a minority of individuals who threaten democracy » by Messrs. Jean-Philippe Platteau and Dominique Henrion.

No, the women and men who dare to question the entire management of the health crisis, as well as the imposition of a single, very imperfect vaccine solution, are not « individuals » who threaten democracy. On the contrary, they demand it!

The reasoning behind this carte blanche of La Libre, offered to Jean-Philippe Platteau, economist and professor emeritus at the University of Namur, and to Dominique Henrion, general practitioner, is strange: rather than asking the deep motivations of the numerous actors of the civil society mobilized since eighteen months, the authors prefer to brandish the easy and subjective label of the extreme right, and this from the first sentence of this carte blanche.

You don’t have to be a university professor or a doctor to understand that a society that divides rather than unites, and a society that stigmatizes rather than listens and respects, is not viable. Speaking of stigmatization, look in the rearview mirror of history for an example of positive stigmatization: there is none, and you know it. It is extremist societies that stigmatize, not democratic societies. It is strange to play the accusatory inversion against members of civil society, jurists, constitutionalists and the many citizen collectives that call for more democracy.

While our modern society tries to defend minorities through the promotion of equality of opportunity, race, gender and religion, you are publicly defending a system in which some people have more rights than others. Where is your consistency? Where is your legitimacy? Where is your conscience? For it is indeed, among other things, about consciousness.

Such segregation makes no sense, especially since the motive you claim is a flawed tool that fails to deliver on its promise. It is indeed established that these neo-vaccines do not prevent transmissions, and that their effect is only temporary.

Furthermore, regarding what you state,« A society is all the more entitled to impose restrictions when an individual’s exercise of full freedom results in consequences for others that he or she does not assume. » Tell us who does not assume the consequences for society when, in order to access a place of recreation, an unvaccinated person must be tested negative (and is therefore perfectly healthy), while a vaccinated person is not tested and is potentially a transmitter? Who, by their behavior, is a risk vector? And who by his behavior respects the rules? See, we are not pointing at the vaccinated people, on the contrary, they are the first victims of blackmail to vaccination and a false promise of a return to normal life after massive collective injections.

Because yes, that is what it is all about: the failure of a massive vaccination, but this failure, instead of being simply recognized, is transformed into an inquisition against the non-vaccinated.

As for another of your statements: « This damage is particularly evident in unvaccinated patients, who disproportionately occupy intensive care beds.« Using a recent epidemiological bulletin published by Sciensano, from November 22 to December 5, 2021, we find that of the 805 ICU admissions, 441 were fully vaccinated, more than half, and 256 were not vaccinated. Disproportionate, indeed, but not as you write. Vaccination was supposed to reduce the pressure on our hospitals, but more than half of the beds are occupied by vaccinated people. Can you call it a success? Can this justify the establishment of a two-tier society?

This is just what we, doctors, university professors, scientists, health professionals, lawyers, journalists, freelancers, artists, workers, employees, civil servants, or simple citizens, dare to express, we, the men and women worried about our future and that of our children, who do not seek to impress or impose, but to be heard and listened to.

As a right of reply, we expect La Libre and related media to publish this opinion in full.

Thank you for your attention and follow-up.

The citizen collectives (*) ALPHA Citizens, Les Belges se réveillent, ZONE LIBRE, Bon Sens Belgique, Belgium United For Freedom, Responsible Rebels,

(*) These citizens’ groups have joined together to get away from the single-mindedness that seems to prevail since the beginning of this covid crisis, where all public debate has been ruled out. Their intention is to inform citizens about all the data that is not published by the mainstream media, and to challenge the latter to bring worthy debates back into the public sphere.

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