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Open letter to the Ministers of Health*.

Madam, Sir,

As Minister of Health, as you know, vaccines against covid19 are in experimental phase III, including the Cominarty vaccine (Pfizer) which will remain in experimental phase III until March 2023.(1)

You also know that when a new medical treatment is put on the market, its approval is subject to 3 experimental phases, especially for vaccines for which it generally takes about 10 years, in order to ensure that the remedy is not worse than the disease (benefit/risk balance).

In flagrant violation of the most elementary precautionary principle, all your interventions published by the media are clear: you plead unambiguously in favor of the compulsory vaccination against Covid19, and in this expectation you set up rules (erected in laws) in order to make it unavoidable.

No one today, neither you, nor the pharmaceutical companies, nor the scientists, have the necessary hindsight that can assure that these vaccines are safe and without danger.

Despite the proven lies of the pharmaceutical companies that promised us 95% effectiveness, it is now official and recognized that a vaccinated person can contract the disease and transmit it, just like a non-vaccinated person.

Pharmaceutical companies have also assured us that these Covid19 vaccines « are the safest in the world. » This is another false claim that does not correspond at all with the reality of the figures.

A motion for resolution was introduced on September 23, 2021 (ref B9-0475/2021)(2) to the European Parliament aiming at the creation of a compensation fund for the victims, this proposal being based on the unquestionable official findings of the European Medicines Agency which, as of September 18, 2021, had listed 954,001 adverse reactions, 75,000 of them severe, leading to serious neurological effects and 5,781 leading to death. These numbers are constantly increasing and according to many testimonies in the field, the real numbers are much higher than those officially reported.

Faced with such an alarming situation, and as a precautionary principle, it is imperative and urgent that a moratorium on vaccination be put in place. You have not only a moral and political responsibility, but also a criminal one, given the seriousness of the consequences of this vaccination against Covid-19.

Since the beginning of this crisis, you have only used the same experts (some self-proclaimed), without worrying about their independence from pharmaceutical companies. These « experts » said everything and its opposite, making mostly cataclysmic predictions that never came true, thus creating pathological anxiety and deep moral suffering among the population.

It is essential today that a real contradictory and public debate takes place, including independent experts as well as doctors, scientists, psychologists, lawyers, … not linked or subservient to pharmaceutical companies.

When will you finally organize this contradictory debate?

Your responsibility for side effects due to vaccination

As the European Commission did not want pharmaceutical companies to be held responsible(3), this responsibility falls on you. Therefore, we urge you to publicly acknowledge your responsibility for any side effects, including death, following the injection of one of the covid19 vaccines.

Thanking you in advance for reading this, please accept, Madam, Sir, the assurance of our highest consideration.

Belgian citizens

*Sent to 320 recipients (ministers, deputies, parliamentarians…). 

Notes et références
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  3. Notons que les députés européens n’ont pas eu accès aux contrats pendant les négociations.

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