Even if many of us now know that the dominant press participates in the media lynching of the working classes, we must read the despicable text by Jean-François Kahn published in the Soir of this March 18, 2019. It expresses in itself the class hatred of this bourgeoisie which will become capable of the worst to maintain its privileges. For Pinochet, Hitler, Hussein and other dictators… were they not for those who today summon them in the  debate Are they beings to be killed?

In what amounts to a veritable diatribe against the yellow vests, likening them to the usual icons of extremism (Hitler, Stalin, Pinochet…), Le Soir and Jean-François Kahn, in the « Alternatives » column, since the beginning at the helm of the delegitimization of the movement, take advantage of the consequences of Act XVIII to show their traditional class contempt and their unwavering support for the system in place. Of course, for these representatives of bourgeois ideology, capitalism would be intrinsically good, « but »… only sometimes, a few unfortunate accidents would occur, without ever tarnishing the overall work. This is also why they cannot understand the people’s assault on wealth and power, when the system is « so perfect »…


Behind this sweet monstrosity, the author feeds the hatred of his readership towards the yellow vests:

- He clearly assimilates these to the author of the Christchurch massacre, recalling how the latter had first been « tempted by communism, leftism, anarchism before slipping, irresistibly, towards an open and radical fascism, towards assumed racism « . In short: the extreme left leads to the extreme right, to murder, to fascism and ultimately to Hitler. If it was not obvious:  » For leftism, anarchism, right-wing identity, then radical fascism, these are the components of our movement of yellow vests that were, again, unleashed Saturday in Paris in particular on the Champs-Elysees;

- It points to the social violence of the yellow vests without condemning the violence of the system and the consequences that it could not fail to have. It does not fail to perniciously bring the yellow vests closer to the historical figures that are being reviled: « The Stalinist terror was regrettable… but, all the same, the (alleged) success of the five-year plans! Hitler’s horror, okay, but still, didn’t the Jews have a little too much power in Germany?! Pinochet, not good… but he restored (liberal) order in Chile! Saddam Hussein, awful, but… he protected us from Khomenist Iran. Now, on Saturday, on BFMTV, in continuous, voyeurism pushed to its paroxysm, while one assisted in live or false live to scenes of apocalypse: fires, lootings, destructions, devastations, breakings, aggressions, a pseudo-environmentalist leader (sic) named Julien Bayou, invited to comment on the images, unrolled during two hours the garland of the « but ». But… inequality; but… social injustice; but… police violence. ». From there to associate yellow vest to Stalin, yellow vest to Pinochet, yellow vest to Hitler, yellow vest to Saddam Hussein, there is… no step. But Mr. Kahn will avoid mentioning the police violence and the shooting of Flashballs, nor all the violence and the « unleashing » of a system that kills and massacres inside and outside the city(1)not more than to recall the scandalous wealth of some and the abysmal misery of others;

- in the societal domain, we can easily slide from « yellow vest = Hitler » to « yellow vest = homophobe and anti-Semite »:  » Anti-Semitism, homophobia! Hateful… but  » ;

- the current problems would only be rooted in the present to which the wrong answer would be given, the editocrats often wanting more repression. Silence on the other hand on decades of unbridled liberalism and the abandonment of the proletariat, and now of part of the middle classes, by the liberalized left-wing parties.

Finally, you will have understood, their hatred is boundless for this people from whom they only expect them to buy smartphones, cars and other gadgets that the media praise — sell — in their pages; or that they drool in front of… but above all, above all, that they shut their mouths!

Alexandre Penasse

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  1. Voir « Non à la violence ! »,

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