Facebook republishes content reported by RTBF

A few weeks ago, Kairos published on Facebook an interview with David Schiepers, who talked about the conditions of his appearance on Sacha Daout’s show, QR. Nothing more than facts. Except that the RTBF has directly complained and that Facebook has removed the interview. 

Except that…

Except that this request of the RTBF to Facebook was totally illicit.

Excerpt from our lawyer’s letter

Since then, our persistence was not in vain, as the interview was republished by Facebook today. One can however be surprised by the zeal of the public channel to ask for the censorship of a legal content, while they have in their teams jurists and lawyers. So it’s not that the content was copyrighted or anything, it’s that they didn’t like the content, right? Would they adopt the same kind of practice in their editorial policy? We wouldn’t dare to go that far, because then RTBF might try to enforce their right to complain about defamatory content this time. As for us, we are certainly in the way.

Excerpt from our lawyer’s letter

And that’s a good sign…


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