« Coronavirus: here’s why it pays to buy in the middle of a stock market crash! »

That’s how our society works… It was on April 3rd, the article was accompanied by a video on the Boursorama website(1).

April 1, Le Soir, owned by the Hurbain family (133rd largest Belgian fortune with € 169,471,000 in assets)(2)), interviewed Viscount Etienne Davignon who explained what to do to get out of the crisis. Le Soir did not reveal who Etienne Davignon was and did not reveal his pedigree: « President of the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT), Société Générale de Belgique, L’Union Minière, Vice-Chairman of Accor, Arbed, Tractebel, Fortis Belgium, director or member of the supervisory board of Anglo American Mining, Gilead, ICL, Penichey, Foamex, Kissinger Associates, Fiat, Suez, BASF, Solvay, Sofina, Recticel or CMB-Compagnie Maritime Belge. President of the AUME (Association for Monetary Union in Europe) since 1991, and of the Paul-Henri Spaak Foundation, he is today a member of the Trilateral Commission and Governor of the Ditchley Foundation. « (3), without mentioning his past functions in politics, notably as Vice-President of the European Commission. Thank you Le Soir, thank you Étienne, for making us think. We are waiting for the other Etienne, from Callataÿ, to tell us on the airwaves of La Première or in the lines of La Libre, how to get better(4).

A form of rage rises to your nose? Calm down, open an official newspaper or the television. It will pass you by. You have to swallow the pill, don’t you? 

Notes et références
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