Angry military

I have been a career military member since I was 16 years old and I am contacting you to talk about my situation and especially to support your latest video on dissent in law enforcement(1). I have no particular ambition, I just want to help where I can, if I can.

The trigger of this anger is the death of my grandfather, who died of cancer last April, he is classified as a covid, it revolts me. The worst thing for me is that I couldn’t pay my respects to him properly, his funeral was a disaster.

I cogitate, and begin to search, to skin the crisis drastically. The sanitary rules are hilarious, I take the opportunity to put them to shame… I quickly found humorous solutions to get around this dictatorship, in short, in my eyes, we are manipulated so why not laugh a little …

I rebel and refuse to play their game which in my opinion is liberticide and unconstitutional. I’m researching what is and isn’t legal in the new government « decrees ». I am getting more and more angry, we are definitely being taken for fools. 

Obviously, within the army, I was quickly punished for not wearing the mask, etc… So I took advantage of my « appearances » to point out to my superiors the liberticidal and unconstitutional character of the (illegal) decrees put in place by the government. I also made this demonstration to the policemen of my village. 

Fear, fatalism, ignorance, lead us to our current situation. Even in the face of proven truth, the majority rejects it outright. It’s amazing! 

Democracy does not mean anything anymore… 

How can or why should we obey a government that no longer respects the law? 

This conclusion brought me to a reality: I no longer agree with the values that the Defense represents; it no longer respects the constitution and therefore the people! It is the Defense that guarantees the Constitution and must, in case of exaggeration on the part of the government, return the power to the people. In short, the separation of powers is no longer guaranteed, as evidenced by the totally silent judiciary.

My choice is resignation, I refuse to continue to participate or acquiesce in this madness. Today there is nothing to counter this warlike machine… I am aware of the various procedures underway at European level and in various countries, but in Belgium no movement seems to hinder this.

My choice is resignation, I refuse to continue to participate or acquiesce in this madness

Belgian Military

Since March 2020 I have chosen rebellion, I refuse to follow health rules and submit to despotism. For the time being, the constitution is the only authority. 

I advocate non-violence and I try to raise awareness around me by remaining as objective as possible, I also propose to challenge the « fines of the covid for those who wish.

I am resigning and I will not be the only one, because on March 15, vaccination became mandatory for soldiers leaving on operational missions. 

Thanks again.


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