We told you about it in a previous Kairos… if you haven’t yet seen « les nouveaux chiens de garde », the documentary adapted from Serge Halimi’s book, go to the website « J’ai un doute »: http://jaiundoute.com/dossiers/12/2012/les-nouveaux-chiens-de-garde or to the website of Fakir Presse or Acrimed to buy the DVD. 

Les Nouveaux chiens de garde (The New Watchdogs) takes stock of a press that is willingly oblivious to the values of pluralism, independence and objectivity that it claims to embody. With force and precision, the film points out the growing threat of information being perverted into merchandise. If you don’t buy this DVD at FNAC, Amazon or PriceMinister, you can be sure that half of the profits will be used to finance this dissident newspaper, and the other half will go to the authors of the film… to allow them to shoot another documentary!

Audrey Verbist

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