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« Seen elsewhere », these are articles and videos published on other sites that we feel close to, or not.
The Kairos editorial staff selects several per week, taken from the mainstream media or others, to enlighten you, amaze you, make you jump… Either, sharpen your critical thinking. 

The Origins | The odyssey of writing (1/3)


Developments & Consequences of the War in Ukraine (Russia, Belarus, NATO…)


War in Ukraine: A French Businessman Answers (Gilles Remy)

Gilles Remy is an international businessman, particularly in the post-Soviet countries where he has maintained economic relations on behalf of French interests for several years. He talks to us today about his views on the war in Ukraine that has been going on since February 24. Ukraine, the source of all misunderstandings on both the Russian and Western sides.


Torture in Ukraine. Interview with Laurent Brayard. 03.05.2022.


Potential famine in sight. What if it was organized?


Food shortages, a war to come?

World Famine: the new weapon of the globalists?
Will the next war be … food? Why do we see empty or almost empty shelves in the supermarkets? No more flour, oil, sugar, pasta? What exactly is going on? Why is Emmanuel Macron, why is the United Nations worrying the population by talking about a coming crisis … « unprecedented »? This 40-minute documentary asks the questions that everyone has and tries to find answers. You will hear from farmers, supermarket owners, economists and analysts.
The new exclusive investigation of Citizen Light.

A documentary by Armel Joubert des Ouches


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