Pandemic and Brave New World by Klaus Schwab

« The enemy we are fighting is invisible; our family, friends, and neighbors can all become sources of infection; those daily rituals we cherish, such as meeting a friend in a public place, can become vectors of transmission; and the authorities who try to protect us by enforcing containment measures are often seen as representatives of oppression(1) « . Illustration: Philippe Debongnie When reading it, one thinks one is consulting Le Soir, Le Monde, TF1 or RTBF; listen to a government press conference, a newscast, follow the radio news. Covid-19: The Great Res et (TGR), is a mental model, a ready-to-think, an agenda, a bible of an ideology avatar and final apotheosis(2) of the one that has conquered our societies since the 1980s. Whether it was written by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret, or by a large consulting firm, it bears witness to a unique way of thinking that permeates all circles of power and aims to conquer minds.  » As weenter July 2020, we are at a crossroa …
Notes et références
  1. Toutes les citations reprises dans ce texte, sauf mention contraire, sont tirées du livre de Klaus Schwab et Thierry Malleret, Covid-19 : La grande réinitialisation.
  4. Voir
  5. L’auteur ajoute « plus juste et plus vert », mais ce n’est, nous le verrons, que de l’enfumage.
  7. Le verbe est entouré de guillemets, cf p.96.
  10. Cf. p.128, note de bas de page.

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