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Letter to the Ordre des Médecins du Hainaut — Alain Colignon

Mr. Jacques BRUART
President of the Order of Physicians of Hainaut

Nivelles, January 21, 2022

Mr. President,

I submitted to the interrogation conducted by Dr. Van Mullem on January 18, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. and I was able to see how the College, in its recommendations, in its views, in its interpretations, was forgetting the interest of the patient in favor of a slavish submission to the martial orders of a compromised executive.

I cannot bear to see patients chased away by their GPs, rejected by hospital institutions, banished, abandoned to themselves under the guise of inept paracetamol therapy. I am ashamed for my profession to see in my country desperate patients, left to the anguish of solitude. When I look at what we have become, I hear Vigny’s lines echoing:
« In spite of this great name of man, that I am ashamed of us, morons that we are »!

Many doctors are deserters, but they only left their posts with the blessing of the Order. What do I say with the order of the Order and under the threat of severe sanctions!

Well… let’s talk about it.

I have stubbornly declared to the investigating committee that I have opposed, in my practice and in my public communications, all ordinal or legal directives, which seemed to me to be immoral, illicit or simply idiotic. I had my work cut out for me!

As a result…

I never wore the mask in front of my patients except when I felt that I was a danger to them or that they presented a danger of contamination to me. I invited them to wear it only under the same conditions. In this case I would explain to them the reason for this grotesque rag covering the massive face and how to wear it. they understood. Medicine is about communicating, listening, being understood… I left the mask to the cowards.

I prescribed the early outpatient treatments from the beginning, I still prescribe them and I will prescribe them tomorrow because I know they are effective whether Dr. Gerard likes it or not. Real science, not the science of the stars, proves me right every day.

I have publicly condemned the vaccination plan as proposed by the government and I publicly advise everyone, without exception and formally, to refuse to submit to this sham of medicine, guided by obscure interests. I invite them to confide in a serious physician before making a decision. I will say it loud and clear! A vaccination is not organized in the salons of the rue de la Loi or in the obscure conclaves of eminences as grey as their souls.

I affirm that the Order is under control… The Order has left the ship…

There, I think I have emptied my bag.

Since I have all the qualities required to make a good little culprit, I ask you, Mr. President, to be diligent (for once) to ensure that the minutes of the hearing are written as soon as possible. You will then see to it that I am indicted in the same breath, so that I can appear as soon as possible before the Council where I will be confronted with my « judges ».

I promise them a lot of fun…

Please accept, Mr. President, my best regards. 

Alain Colignon

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