[INTERVIEW] Pr. Mattias DESMET: The conditioning of the « masses

It was in September of last year that we filmed Mattias Desmet with fellow Dutch journalists who were conducting an interview for their newspaper. What this professor of clinical psychology, whom we’ve already interviewed several times, has to say should be heard by everyone at prime time… impossible, since Mattias Desmet deciphers the processes of mass manipulation specific to the West, where isolation, essential to the formation of the masses, combined with fear, enables them to be steered in the direction desired by those in power. We’re clearly heading towards a totalitarian society, with a device inaugurated during the Covid that will surely be redeployed as soon as the powers that be need it, carrying out their transhumanist ideology.

Desmet avoids falling into the Manichean « good West/evil Putin » discourse, but, drawing on Arendt’s « banality of evil », recognizes that evil does not demarcate the border between two groups, one good and the other evil, but is a possibility within each of us. And that’s where you have to fight it.

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