« Covid-1984 », a philosopher’s vision of the present period

Michel Weber, teacher, philosopher, examines in his book the question of covid, « truth (political) of the sanitary lie: a digital fascism ». 

What we are experiencing did not start from nothing, was not generated from nowhere. It is the continuation of a story, production of a model that has banished the limit, forgotten the wisdom of a Camus who told us in The First Man », « a man, that is prevented », and taken Nature for his playground. 

It’s time to change everything. Now. Don’t put it off. Procrastination is no longer an issue. 

To obtain Michel Weber’s book: https://www.i6doc.com/fr/book/?GCOI=28001100297400

Find Michel Weber’s work on http://chromatika.academia.edu/Michel…

The 2nd interview with Michel Weber : https://www.kairospresse.be/penser-le-totalitarisme-sanitaire/

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