Kairos Weekly 4

This summer, the Kairos « Weekly » is written so that what we put into words and images this spring in a new format, is remembered. Because we are quick to forget current events, but remembering what has been allows us to better understand the present and to prepare for the future, and perhaps even to participate in it. 

If we celebrate our 10 years at Kairos, we forgot to celebrate the two years of the question to Sophie, but especially her incredible answer, well the words she said…

This was on April 15, 2020. Since then, it’s not water under the bridge, but injections.

They did their job well. In June 2021, pharmaceutical companies were desperate to resell their experimental products to keep their bosses and shareholders happy. They could count on the unwavering and indispensable support of their business delegates; I named the politicians.

The injection will not take any other route than the usual ones of advertising propaganda. Sex, vacations, formatted freedom… They will have succeeded in the crazy bet of separating us, again, of breaking the social bonds and of conditioning a return to the social life to the injection, by making their effects desirable. 

Cuddles allowed, I’m vaccinated, can be found in Trafic stores.

However, there are countless testimonies from victims of the vaccine… You saw the Doctothon. We also have this video from the United States, among hundreds of thousands of testimonies:

Disinformation, they will tell us? As Guy Debord wrote  » The advantage of denouncing, by explaining it in this way, a very particular disinformation, is that consequently the global discourse of the show cannot be suspected of containing it, since it can designate, with the most scientific assurance, the ground where the only disinformation is recognized: that is all that can be said and that will not please him. « If the fact checkers name the disinformers, it is because they inform well. Of course.

We know that those who organized their criminal propaganda will be rehoused in the organizations they served. At the beginning of 2021, Agnès Buzyn will join the WHO(1) where she will be in charge of« multilateral affairs », i.e. representing the WHO« at the G7, the UN or the Bill Gates Foundation ». Her husband Yves Lévy had inaugurated the P4 laboratory in Wuhan in 2017, when he was president and CEO ofInserm; The National Institute of Health and Medical Research.

We buy, we destroy, we buy back. The State destroyed 98.5 million worth of Covid equipment, ordered by… the State.

The Minister of Health knows a thing or two about this, having said that he burned 5 million Belgian francs in the Agusta scandal. In the meantime, there is a shortage of teachers and caregivers, and poverty is growing. No matter, we will make commissions with overpaid experts who will do the same thing as before: not changing anything by making people believe the opposite.

As Debord said:  » The spectacle masterfully organizes the ignorance of what happens and, immediately afterwards, the oblivion of what could still be known « .

The masks that will be burned (those of Avrox), the State had ordered 15 million pieces for nearly 32 million euros. Since there are 7 million left that will be burned, 8 million have been worn and have contaminated people. No big deal, as long as it’s not the Covid. One of the conditions of the tender was that the applicant company had already supplied at least 250,000 cloth masks to another customer.

The Minister Philippe Goffin had chosen this Luxembourg company without respecting any logical criteria: the price was higher than that of the Belgian competitors, the masks turned out to be toxic, the delivery deadlines (which were the pretext for the choice) were not respected… Summoned to pay a fine of 5.5 million euros because of these delays, the company nonetheless made a profit in view of the cost of 2.5 euros proposed per unit, i.e. a total order of 37.5 million euros.

In Belgium, a minister who spends 37.5 million in conditions that are murky to say the least to buy dangerous masks that will be destroyed afterwards for an amount of 52 million, is not bothered at all. That’s democracy. As long as it’s not far right.

We buy, we throw away, and it passes like a letter in the post… Next info. Move along, there’s nothing to see.

The image that it is necessary to pass in our societies of the spectacle is not the one that will reflect the reality, but the one that will give the impression that one wants to give of this one. Thus, since Macron does not reflect the choice of the people, but a fraction of them, it is a matter of erasing this reality and letting people think that entire crowds support him. In the same way, we will not show too much the multitude, in all France, which protests and gathers the evening of the second round.

Debord again:  » As soon as one has the mechanism controlling the only social verification that is fully and universally recognized, one says what one wants. The movement of the spectacular demonstration proves itself simply by walking in circles: by coming back, by repeating itself, by continuing to affirm on the only ground where resides from now on what can be affirmed publicly, and be believed, since it is of that only that everyone will witness. The spectacular authority can also deny anything, once, three times, and say that it will not talk about it anymore, and talk about something else; knowing well that it does not risk any other retaliation on its own ground, nor on another. For there is no longer an agora, a general community; nor even communities restricted to intermediary bodies or autonomous institutions, to salons or cafés, to the workers of a single enterprise; nowhere where the debate on the truths that concern those who are there can be durably freed from the overwhelming presence of the media discourse, and of the different forces organized to relay it.  »

The same crooks are re-elected. Macron, who got barely 10% of the French vote in 2017, is running again with three million fewer votes in 2022. The banker Macron, who destroyed France, mutilated the yellow vests, put the caregivers in the street or forced them to inject themselves, the one whose part of the fortune amassed at Rotschild and curiously disappeared from the counters, did not give rise to any investigation, found himself again in front of Marine Le Pen. No choice, as we wrote back in 2017(2). The stars make the system work, those who entertain us from reality, and invite us to vote Macron.

Those who call themselves « insubordinate » submit when it is in their interest. The indefatigable power-hungry invites before the second round not to vote Le Pen, therefore to vote Macron.

And welcomes the fact that she was not elected in the second round, so that Macron was re-elected, without saying what a catastrophe this represents. 

Mélenchon, for whom the majority of French Muslims voted, has certainly succeeded in doing what he wanted to do: avoid voting for Le Pen, and thus make Macron pass. Thank you Mélenchon! And it is necessary to say that they have grabbed the votes among the Muslims. The grand rector of the Paris mosque had called to vote for Emmanuel Macron. 

Ah, the middle ground… which is rather the extreme center of which Alain Deneault spoke, of a policy at the service of the oligarchy, whose best representative is none other than Macron himself. 

But those whom this system suits, promising them scandalous pensions and media visibility, can only believe in it if they want to continue to benefit from it, and it is therefore useful to confuse it with « democracy ».

Political interests that have interfered everywhere, even in the cults, with Castaner inviting himself into the mosques, in the service of Macron. 

They lie down before a power that they admire and that allows them to exist.

It doesn’t matter if this power kills Muslims, divides them like never before. Oligarchy whose supreme representative, just a few hours after being re-elected, suggests that we can continue as before.

This is also what happens when you buy HK G36s, assault rifles that were rushed to police and gendarmes after the November 13, 2015 attacks.

Thought has wallowed in the most abject conformism, it is dead in all these places of entertainment. Cocktail imam Hassan Chalgoumi invites to vote for his buddy. Naturally, he also flies the flag of Ukraine.

Ah Ukraine, a new subject of television charity, driven by show politics. The same policy that lets homeless people die in the street, that relegates kids from poor neighborhoods to segregated schools, that distributes money it said it didn’t have for the victims of the floods. It gives 800 million when it cannot even pay its teachers properly or set up a system to fight tax evasion. 

Amusement parks give free entrance to Ukrainians, Belgians who live below the poverty line, 1 in 5 in Belgium, will only have to go to the playground; Ukrainian refugees get more than the natives. 

The others can just freeze them in Calais.

If this is not a way to divide…

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