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Enough about work, its conditions, its sectors, its usefulness and its difficulty. It’s time to talk about these outbursts of crowds that never cease to disturb honest people and push law enforcement officers to act to calm down the angry masses, with a serious face and a well placed forehead wrinkle. No ! I won’t talk about the strike. But yes! Let’s talk about pretty things, small victories, the name of a fantastic movie I went to see with M., a lovely young woman. As Desproges expressed it in an irresistible sketch, « it is afterwards that it degenerated ». Let’s talk about good feelings, beautiful emotions, positive feelings. Do you see me coming in with my big clogs, 2.500€ pumps style, from a small manufacturer named Louboutin? Do you think I’m going to talk to you about motions of censorship, democracy, climate or environment, ignoramuses that you are, islamo-leftists who went home very early after having burned two garbage cans and then yelled at your children because they were …

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