Action to annul the 5G decree

Press release April 21, 2023

To facilitate the rollout of 5G and as announced in a press release by the Minister-President of the Walloon Region, Elio Di Rupo(1)the Walloon parliament voted a decree without a second thought(2) which further reduces the little protection citizens had against the deleterious effects of microwave radiation from cell phones. As an example of what this new « protection standard » allows, an operator wishing to install a 5G or other antenna on a new site could transmit at such a power that the neighboring population would be exposed to radiation ten times more intense than what was authorized under the previous standard.(3).

Scientists and doctors have been concerned about the effects of microwave radiation for over 60 years, as evidenced by a symposium held in Washington in 1957(4).

For over 20 years, there have been repeated national and international calls for the lowering of authorized emission power limits and the creation of regulatory bodies that are independent of industry and genuinely in the service of public health. Among many other appeals, more than 400 scientists and physicians signed the « 5G APPEAL » initiated in 2017 and through which they  » call for a moratorium on 5G deployment. 5G will significantly increase exposure to microwave radiation, which has been proven to be harmful to humans and the environment. « (5).

Very recently, nine experts on electromagnetic pollution from the Nordic countries published an article in the  » Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports  » in which they called for a halt to 5G deployment and a stricter regulatory framework on microwave radiation from wireless technologies.(6) They mention two of the very first studies on the impact of 5G. One of them showed that a 5G antenna has  » caused an extreme increase in microwave radiation in an apartment. Within a few days, the residents were suffering from the typical symptoms of microwave exposure: severe sleep disturbances, dizziness, skin problems, concentration difficulties, tinnitus, short-term memory problems, confusion, fatigue, a tendency to depression, heart and lung symptoms, heart palpitations and a feeling of heaviness in the chest. « .

Faced with the intellectual and moral indigence and contempt of the Walloon government and parliament(7) for the health of citizens and its denial of the ecological consequences of 5G deployment in terms of energy consumption, climate disruption and the extraction of non-renewable resources, the Collectif has mandated its lawyer to file an appeal to annul the decree.

Contact :Francis Leboutte, 04 388 39 19 — Colette Devillers, 02 772 86 80 -

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