« With ivermectin, vaccines and Remdesivir would have been useless ».

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Interview with Jean-Loup Izambert(1)

Izambert Mickomix

K: You have collaborated with many media and written books. You have investigated the largest stock market crash involving 40 European banks, the embezzlement of funds from Crédit Agricole, the UN and more recently the virus and the president. But let’s talk about your latest book on ivermectin. 

J.-L. I.: At the beginning, I worked for more than a year with Claude Janvier on The virus and the president where we show how the political power in France instrumentalizes the health crisis, for which it is partly responsible by the reduction of the financial and human means of the health sector. This power uses the epidemic to hide the economic and financial crisis that is worsening. Claude worked on the North, I worked on the South, going to meet hospital staff in the demonstrations, but also shopkeepers, business leaders, trade unions, as well as ordinary people, after the imposition of the health pass. We have reviewed the main data of this crisis in a book that will be released in May, before the legislative elections in France. The assessment is based on 40 questions, one of which is about ivermectin. The mainstream media does not talk about the example of India, which defeated the covid epidemic thanks to it. Why then is this drug blocked by the WHO, the European Union and the Commission? In France, I have collected some amazing testimonies. We also show the fight of Jean-Charles Teyssèdre, the lawyer who initiated the first procedure to try to break the locks that block the use of ivermectin. It is practically forbidden and the Council of the Order prosecutes doctors who officially recommend it or refuse to vaccinate. It is a vicious circle because on the one hand, there is the National Agency for Drug Safety (ANSM) which does not prohibit ivermectin and on the other hand the Council of the Order which prosecutes, for example, Dr. Gérard Baudru who proves that ivermectin works and allows to save lives. 

K: The same thing is happening here to Pascal Sacré, Alain Colignon, David Bouillon and Laurence Kaiser, all of whom have been summoned to the Ordre des Médecins. Ivermectin is a sub-scandal of the general scandal. But most people don’t know what ivermectin is, which has been used for 40 years. 

J.-L. I.: Ivermectin is a molecule discovered in 1974 by scientists Satoshi Omura and William Campbell. They found that it cured a lot of parasitic diseases. Asia, Africa, Central and South America have quickly adopted it. There are still pharmacists and doctors who consider it as a simple anti-parasite drug, whereas over time it has been realized that it is also anti-viral and effective against a whole series of coronaviruses. When the covid pandemic occurred, some scientists realized that it could treat at all stages of the disease, as well as preventively, which is interesting for personnel who are in regular contact with the public. This scientific information is difficult for people to access. Professor Alessandro Santa simply explains that ivermectin works by creating a barrier between the virus and the body’s cells, which also makes it effective against variants. 

K: It is interesting to note that most EU countries, from the beginning, made the choice to follow the WHO guidelines and not to use ivermectin. And this decision will have enormous consequences… 

J.-L. I.: Yes. I used India as an example, because it is a giant laboratory. In this confederation of 35 states, 28 followed the WHO recommendation and the others did the opposite, even distributing ivermectin in a variety of public places. An Indian lawyer is leading all these proceedings against the WHO and some high officials who chose to ignore ivermectin. It was found that states that used it, starting in mid-2020, contained the epidemic, decreasing cases and preventing deaths, mostly. And it is the opposite for the other obedient states. In the United States, the same pattern is seen with the use of PCR tests, depending on the state. Those who use it the most have the most cases, but not necessarily the most patients. 

K: The PCR test is really the Achilles heel… 

J.-L. I.: Yes, since the person who developed it clearly indicated that it can be used to say anything, and that it should certainly not be used to detect an epidemic. To give an example, the PCR test does not differentiate between a dead virus and a live virus, nor between covid and influenza virus. So it can’t tell if a person is infected, sick or contagious. With an explosion in the number of tests, we will have an explosion in the number of cases. I took the case of India to show that the WHO indications were completely crazy. 

K: The media does not talk about India, except for the states that have implemented the WHO protocol. The misinformation continues. 

J.-L. I.: We should talk about criminality with regard to the leaders of the WHO. When there is a cheap and effective drug like ivermectin that can treat the population and the WHO advises against its use worldwide on the basis of a knowingly falsified report, this is very serious. Behind them are the vaccine lobbies, whose manufacturers are not aware of the side effects that are already causing millions of deaths throughout the world while they are still in the experimental stage. Information is starting to come in through pharmacovigilance. When you follow the curve of the number of people who get vaccinated and follow the curve of deaths or side effects, the link with the injection of the vaccine is obvious. Olivier Véran himself recognized before the Council of State that vaccinated people were those who could be most affected in case of reinfection. And to think that there are still doctors in France who recommend taking the fourth dose, the one that will save us, the first three not having been effective! 

K: You mention  » one of the greatest contemporary deceptions organized by a political power, hand in hand with the leaders of the EU and the big owners of finance and economy « . Coming back to India, a complaint has been filed against the chief scientist of the WHO, accused of causing the death of citizens, against the director general of the WHO and the director general of health services in India. The plaintiffs dare to talk about crime and conspiracy, it is very interesting… 

J.-L. I.: The conspiracy is at the head of the WHO. For example, ivermectin and the Russian vaccine Sputnik are banned in Western Europe. Instead, the people at the head of the French state have massively distributed experimental products whose manufacturers have demanded from the EU to be relieved of financial and legal responsibilities in case of side effects. They found their product to be 95% effective, yet the number of cases and patients continued to rise. 

K: The PCR test is certainly used as a policy tool to increase or decrease cases and decide on a health policy. It’s still incredible! 

J.-L. I.: The bloopers of covid-19 would have to be written. I know a septuagenarian who, by dint of watching BFM TV, went to take her third dose. Then she didn’t feel well over the summer, got tested, and she was positive! Either the vaccine is ineffective, or the PCR test is ineffective, or both. The person may also have a comorbidity. 

K: It is written in your book:  » The bottom line is that we can no longer rely on health authorities to conduct an honest review of the medical and scientific evidence. We therefore call on regional public health authorities and health professionals around the world to demand that ivermectin be included in the standard of care in order to end this pandemic once and for all « . On the other handLet’s talk about the famous Remdesivir. Quote:  » The European Union has confirmed a conditional marketing authorization from the European Medicines Agency for a drug for which it did not know all the characteristics « and she started buying them immediately. So before the conclusions of the study in progress, which, this time, was convenient for him. 

J.-L. I.: Remdesivir is a scam. WHO scientists produced a study by asking Gilead to provide them with all the necessary elements. In the meantime, we realize that their product is not effective. This did not stop Gilead from pressuring the EU customer to buy it quickly. This is a forced sale. 

K: This is again something that serves the vaccine strategy, after having dumped a useless and expensive product… 

J.-L. I .: With ivermectin, vaccines and Remdesivir would have been unnecessary. But it does not interest the laboratories, which are looking for the maximum immediate profit. Let’s talk about Japan, a country with a high population density where contamination can easily spread. In August 2021, there was a state of emergency, and Japanese doctors, free to act, prescribed ivermectin massively; the epidemic was contained in three months, as in 40 other countries! In September, the state of emergency was lifted throughout the country. The journalists of the AFP (Agence France Presse), at the end of 2021, dared to write that there is no scientific evidence on the effectiveness of ivermectin, that it is a drug only to treat parasitosis. AFP receives subsidies from the State and advertising revenues from the pharmaceutical companies in question, which leaves it little room for editorial freedom! 

K: There can also be a contradiction between what the journalist says and what he does when he gets sick. In Belgium, the editor-in-chief of a major media outlet has been treated with ivermectin, while in his pages he denigrates it. There is widespread and endemic corruption. Let’s talk about the lawyer Jean-Charles Teyssèdre, who is introducing a request to the ANSM as early as December 2020 to allow ivermectin to be used as a treatment for covid-19. He received no response in the first few months… 

J.-L. I. : Teyssèdre is leading an exemplary fight. He has a very good grasp of this issue. When he discovers the scientific studies and verifies what his clients have said, he proposes to apply to the administrative court to obtain a temporary recommendation for use (RTU). An RTU is done for a drug that already has a marketing authorization (MA), which is less difficult to obtain than an unexpected temporary authorization for use (ATU), which is granted exceptionally to a drug that does not have a MA. Surprisingly, the Department of Health is being called in to provide input. Maître Teyssèdre then notes that the ministry does not produce any conclusions. Contrary to the treatment she would have applied to a private citizen, the magistrate shows sympathy to this poor minister who is very busy with his problems with public health. We’ll wait. What indulgence! So it makes its decision in the deliberation and obviously refuses the temporary use recommendation. Then Teyssèdre went to the Conseil d’Etat which then put the ANSM on notice to give an answer. It was not until March 2021 that its director responded that, due to insufficient data available to date, it could not respond favorably to the request for a temporary recommendation for use. It emphasizes the need for large randomized clinical trials to conclude on the basis of a methodology adapted to the possible use of ivermectin in the context of the disease. Remember that in March 2021, there were already 68 scientific studies that concluded the effectiveness of ivermectin. This means that the ANSM is either unaware of these scientific studies, which is serious, or that the pharmaceutical laboratories’ interests are making sure to avoid talking about ivermectin — a safe, effective, cheap drug — in order to get golden balls with an experimental drug for which they are asking to be relieved of the possible side effects 

K: In France, the ANSM systematically refuses to take into account other types of studies, the High Council of Public Health and the High Authority of Health reject any favorable study. On the other hand, Remdesivir received a marketing authorization in only 20 days… 

J.-L. I.: In the logic of these bureaucrats, the drug is not effective, so it is quickly approved. The Sputnik vaccine, effective against covid, is still blocked, for a lot of reasons. But Pfizer got approval for its vaccine within months. It is no longer incompetence, but corruption that affects the state. In March 2020, Macron created the scientific council to advise him. One wonders what is the use of the other civil servants, those of Inserm, CNRS, Institut Pasteur, who are competent enough to give advice. At the head of the scientific council, there is Jean-François Delfraissy, who had already proved himself in 2010 when Roselyne Bachelot, at the time confronted with the H1N1 virus, had called upon him. He had already advised to vaccinate the French twice. Millions of doses had been purchased and had to be destroyed. The Court of Auditors has made the assessment: around 700 million €! So as he was a good advisor, Macron took him back. In France, you don’t change a losing team! However, not a word about ivermectin in the documentation produced publicly by the Scientific Council. Curious from an organization that is there to advise the government… Macron will have to account for his two years of managing the epidemic, not only on vaccines, but also on McKinsey’s presence influencing government decisions for private interests. We are in a completely ubiquitous situation where the Russian vaccine and ivermectin are kept off the market, while experimental products, whose manufacturers are relieved of the side effects (including death), are massively distributed under the aegis of the WHO. 

K: The authorities have succeeded in putting in place such a Machiavellian plan that it is feared that they will never recognize it. With the risk of going to court, they will do everything to avoid this, unless people wake up. On June 17, 2020, the European Commission publishes its Covid-19 vaccine strategy, which I believe was already in the works for longer. It proposes an amendment to the regulation, which is submitted to the vote of the Parliament via an emergency procedure. On July 3, the Council voted on the Commission’s text, which aims to lighten the requirements prior to the start of clinical trials with GMO drugs; it was adopted as it was by the Parliament without any possible modification, without amendments or debates, at a time when the traumatized population was coming out of confinement! 

J.-L. I.: This shows what the EU is for: to promote the interests of Washington. When Pfizer representatives came to Brussels to sign the contracts, they demanded that U.S. law apply, thus absolving them of their responsibilities. It is a hegemonic will that is not surprising when one remembers that, since 1991, thousands of tons of bombs have fallen on the countries that opposed the Washington imperialists. But here it is very serious, because it affects the health of all. Today, health is threatened by the World Health Organization! Its decisions are under the influence of multinationals. On the contrary, it should alert public opinion to the number of deaths that occur after the third dose. Didier Raoult specifies that the risks outweigh the benefits, for the moment. Unfortunately, the population is used as guinea pigs. Let’s ask ourselves if Gates, Clinton, Pfizer executives, etc. did not want to set up a way to eradicate a part of the world’s population. If these RNA vaccines had an effect on the composition of the blood, it would be very serious. We would no longer be able to do blood transfusions, for example. Did these people know what they were doing or did the crime come to light during the WHO decision? The vaccine is experimental, but the lobbies are putting pressure on to impose their products through conferences, documentation, meetings, etc. Even if they thought that the vaccine, although experimental, would be positive in the end, the crime occurs when there are more and more deaths linked to the vaccine and we do not decide to say STOP and ask for an international investigation. This is what the researcher Tess Lori proposes, who, in a report to Boris Johnson, calls for a halt to vaccination and an investigation into the risk/benefit ratio. The WHO will be forced to come to the table one day. 

K: This would also have undermined the vaccine strategy…
J.-L. I.:
Yes, and there are precedents. Pfizer has paid several thousand

billion dollars in compensation to avoid public trials. There have also been drugs that had an honorable image and whose side effects were discovered. Four years ago, I met the Director General of the WHO who explained to me how far the influence of lobbies can go. He tells me that the WHO budget in the early 2000s was a mix of member state and voluntary contributions. These come from pharmaceutical companies that propose to the WHO to vaccinate a certain part of the population in Africa. Hundreds of millions of euros are thus being transferred to the WHO to carry out the operation, under the direction of Big Pharma. But today, we are talking about an experimental vaccine that could lead to a truly catastrophic situation on a global level! 

K: You conclude your book by saying that the French have the choice between continuing to survive shamefully in denial or disengaging this authoritarian power that has plunged France into an unprecedented political, economic, social and health crisis. This is the crux of the problem. These people who are supposed to lead us are no longer at the service of the common good, but of the multinationals. 

J.-L. I.: The next book that I will publish with Claude Janvier in May will be entitled Covid-19, le bilan en 40 questions. It is designed in the form of fact sheets that each address questions people have asked us: What is a virus? Is the virus virulent? Is wearing a mask dangerous? What is the mortality rate? What is the difference between an RNA vaccine and a conventional vaccine? Are PCR tests effective? Etc. I specify that we are conspiracy theorists, we only give the floor to great conspiracy theorists who do not have access to the information media in France, researchers from the CNRS and Inserm, scientific journalists from different magazines, lawyers. They give advice on how to file a complaint, defend one’s rights and oppose government measures. So there is an informative aspect and a practical aspect. I work on WHO and mass crime, because there is evidence of the link between the vaccine and the millions of deaths. Since the 2000s, things have gotten considerably worse. Vaccines are where the crime begins. At the beginning, the WHO management may have been misled by the manufacturers’ argument, but this cannot be sustained over time. 

K: If they really thought they were doing the right thing, they wouldn’t censor different speech… 

J.-L. I.: Of course. That is why in the book we publish the technical data sheets that the vaccine manufacturers, notably Pfizer and Moderna, submitted to the European Medicines Agency to obtain its provisional marketing authorization. They have organized the massive worldwide distribution of experimental products that have serious side effects. This is a crime and it cannot continue! I would also like to point out that messenger RNA products are a French invention that the United States tried to recover in order to open a new market. 

K: Thank you, Jean-Louis. I think this is a historic moment, we must stand up, especially by supporting the doctors attacked by the Order. 

J.-L. I.: Nexus has just published an interview with Dr. Gérard Baudru, who is also being sued by the Conseil de l’ordre des médecins. He explains that it is necessary to finish with this order of the past, a nomenklatura hidden in its offices, rich of millions of euros of subsidies. 

Remarks collected remotely by Alexandre Penasse in April 2022, transcribed and edited by Bernard Legros 

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  1. Jean-Loup Izambert est journaliste et auteur de livres sur la crise du Covid, dont l’ouvrage concerné dans cette interview, Le Scandale Ivermectine, IS Édition, 2021.

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