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Find, below, all the speakers who participated in the Resistante Summer University 2022 in Villeneuve-lez-Avignon.

EBU 001 — 9/16/2022 — Guillaume Zambrano

In a conference entitled » Major public health scandals « , Maud Marian, Vincent Pavan and Guillaume Zambrano expose and debate on this theme.

Here, Guillaume Zambrano, lecturer in Science and Law, tells us about some scandals in which pharmaceutical companies are involved.

EBU 002 — 16/9/2022 — Jean-Pierre Joseph

In a conference entitled » Major public health scandals « , Maud Marian, Vincent Pavan and Guillaume Zambrano expose and debate on this theme.

Maître Jean-Pierre Joseph intervenes here to share with us the conclusions of a case he defended. It confirms the decisions of the Courts of Appeal in Valence and Rennes on the presumption of a causal link when the experts are unable to find the cause of the pathology.

EBU 003 — 16/9/2022 — Maud Marian

In a conference entitled » Major public health scandals « , Maud Marian, Vincent Pavan and Guillaume Zambrano expose and debate on this theme.

Maud Marian, a lawyer in international business and criminal law, analyzes the legal consequences and the laws put in place following the « lessons learned » from the fake H1N1 flu pandemic in 2010. The situation is overwhelming… but resistance brings hope.

EBU 004 — 16/9/2022 — Vincent Pavan

In a conference entitled » Major public health scandals « , Maud Marian, Vincent Pavan and Guillaume Zambrano expose and debate on this theme.

In his presentation, Vincent Pavant, research professor in mathematics, analyzes the « pandemic figures » that were predicted and compares them with the actual figures after two years of the Covid crisis.

UER005 — 16/9/2022 — David Guyon

In the framework of a conference entitled » Freedom laws passed under the guise of « health crisis » « , Martine Wonner and David Guyon expose and debate on this theme.

David Guyon, criminal lawyer, tells us about his two-year fight against the liberticidal measures put in place « thanks » to the health crisis.

EBU 006 — 16/9/2022 — Martine Wonner

In the framework of a conference entitled » Freedom laws passed under the guise of « health crisis » « , Martine Wonner and David Guyon expose and debate on this theme.

Martine Wonner, psychiatrist, former deputy to the National Assembly, politician, talks about her career as an elected representative and reveals the backstage of the institutions that vote these liberticidal laws.

EBU 007 — 16/9/2022 — Valérie Bugault

In this videoconference, Valérie Bugault, Doctor of Law, geopolitical and monetary analyst, author of several critical books on our societies, draws up an assessment of the drifts that our societies are pursuing since the beginning of the (pseudo) health crisis. She exposes the importance of developing counter-powers.

EBU 008 — 9/16/2022 — Julie Levesque

In this videoconference, Julie Levesque, journalist and whistleblower, gives an assessment of the application of liberticide laws: partiality, slander of lawyers who defend citizens and « psychiatrize » them. Julie talks about deaths in CHSLD (Ehpad). It confirms the parody of justice and the imposture.

EBU 009 — 16/9/2022 — Deepali N Ohja

Deepali N Ohja, Indian lawyer intervenes from India, evoking the « Bombay High Court » and the death of a young woman whose father went to Justice. The media has taken over the story and it is becoming known. These criminals are accused of crimes against humanity.

UER 011 — 17/9/2022 — Laurent Montesino

Laurent Montesino, a resuscitation doctor, describes the disrupted and even devastated lives of those who suffer the side effects, and gives hope for possible solutions.

EBU 012 — 17/9/2022 — Benoit Ochs

Dr. Benoit Ochs resumes his findings on D‑Dimer and CRP (C‑reactive protein). He returns to the censure that these observations have earned him, with distortion of his words.

EBU 013 — 17/9/2022 — Laurence Kayser

Dr. Laurence Kayser, gynecologist, tells us about an experience with a patient and talks about respecting the patient.

EBU 014 — 17/9/2022 — Olivier Soulier

Doctor Olivier Soulier, homeopathic physician and acupuncturist, exposes the propaganda. Business and finance schools are the temples of the destruction of the planet — Wolves hunt in packs — The chaos of the world is born from the elusive appetite of the powerful — The humble are watching — Insurance companies are noticing the side effects: + 160% / 190% of mortality for people under 40.

EBU 015 — 17/9/2022 — Hélène Banoun

Hélène Banoun, pharmacist-biologist, gives an overview. She discusses the Spike protein, inflammation of the microbiota, and explains that facilitating antibodies (they facilitate infection) was a known risk long before vaccination began and has been known since Sars-Cov‑1, many years ago. The Spike in the vaccine is more toxic than the virus and persists in the body. Spike deregulates immunity and prevents the body from defending itself.

EBU 016 — 17/9/2022 — Hervé Seligmann

Dr. Hervé Seligmann, a biomedical researcher, studied the data in Israel and in Europe (Euromomo). In September 2021, he checked the correlation between fertility rate by country / vaccination rate, the vaccine affects more women. For all age groups, the effectiveness of the vaccine is negative and the younger you are, the more this is true. Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease is more rapid with the number of doses, causality is highly suspected.

EBU 017 — 17/9/2022 — Marc Doyer

Marc Doyer uses the word « assassination » to describe the death of his wife, Mauricette. He describes the journey from the injection of the vaccine to the death of his wife. What they experienced in the health services, the lack of care for his wife. The help he sought from the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran. Words moving to tears, hard words for the politicians. He is talking about humans, not about benefit-risk.

EBU 018 — 17/9/2022 — David Bouillon

Dr. David Bouillon has been a general practitioner for over 30 years. He created the Covid Lagardère center and has treated more than 20,000 patients. He evokes the early treatments, the experimental injections, states his anger against the authorities, the mainstream media and points out their responsibility.

EBU 019 — 17/9/2022 — Damien Lafont

Damien Lafont, PhD in Physics, expert in peak performance, training. He operates from Australia. He mentions the « frequency emissions » from the vaccinated, the harmfulness of the radiation. He reports symptoms also in unvaccinated children. He testifies to the health concerns of the athletes he cares for. He reports cases of children having strokes.

EBU 020 — 17/9/2022 — Antoine Méchin

Antoine Méchin, 32, coach and triathlete, ended his season following a pulmonary embolism. He does not wish to be considered anti-vax, he only testifies about his personal case. He did not want to be vaccinated but was forced to. He experienced adverse effects 2 days after the first dose.

EBU 021 — 17/9/2022 — Dominique Chazal

Dr. Dominique Chazal, a field doctor who has been working in New Caledonia for more than 30 years, is being attacked by the institutions because he denounced the health policy. He intervened at the Congress of New Caledonia, notably on the secret content of the components of the injections. He notes the patients’ avoidance approach to linking the injection to symptoms. He sees a lot of people in the cemeteries every day, which is unusual. He notes an increase in the mortality index for those under 60.

EBU 023 — 18/9/2022 — Caroline Escartefigues

Caroline Escartefigues is a clinical psychologist, masters art therapy, non-violent communication, and organizes communication workshops for children. This crisis that manipulates the mind also allows the awakening. Resistance fighters have several characteristics: discernment, courage, faith (faculty of the psyche). It evokes the game of resilience. It is a reversal of our knowledge. She talks about Freud, Edward Bernays…

EBU 024 — 18/9/2022 — Yoanna Micoud

Yoanna Micoud, psycho-traumatologist, is a practitioner of EMDR (neuro-emotional integration through eye movements). She explains how repeated traumatic shocks were carried out, followed by social, neuro-biological, emotional and inter-personal manipulation. Fear is the most dangerous. The brain of a traumatized person spins images on a loop, like BFM TV. Social engineering is a hacking of your psychology.

EBU 025 — 18/9/2022 — Sonia Delahaigue

Sonia Delahaigue is a psychologist, psychotherapist, trainer and founder of the Chrysalide Center. She thinks that obedience is always more dangerous than disobedience. She’s not surprised that we’re here. Conditioned to obedience, we have experienced learned helplessness, submission and resignation.

Sonia teaches us about child rearing and how to arm them against obedience.

EBU 026 — 18/9/2022 — Report by Corinne Lalo

Report by Corinne Lalo, about the H1N1 flu and the false pandemic of the time, broadcasted at the 20h of TF1 on February 17, 2010.

EBU 027 — 18/9/2022 — André Bercoff

André Bercoff, journalist, famous radio host, talks to us about totalitarianism, vaccines, flabbergasting and then doctors on TV sets, confinement, fear and conflicts of interest, astronomical sums of money concerning vaccines and the non-transparency of purchases by the European Commission, by Ursula Van Der Leyen. The contracts presented to Michèle Rivasi were crossed out. Where is the transparency? Why all these doses? No recognized correlation between these injections and millions of side effects.…

EBU 028 — 18/9/2022 — Corinne Lalo

Corinne Lalo, freelance journalist, reporter, author, comes back on the H1N1 virus and evokes the two regrets of Roselyne Bachelot: « people were not afraid enough and we should have locked the internet ».
There would not have been a pandemic if the media had done their job. All newspapers have been purchased. We see the censorship today totally unabashed. She tells us about « Pointer », an organization in charge of enforcing censorship around the world. Behind this organization is MacKinsey. There is no longer any counter-power, neither the political parties nor the press.

EBU 029 — 18/9/2022 — Marc Daoud

Marc Daoud is a freelance journalist, director of publication at Nexus. He talks about the information war, the manipulation by emotion. Through the subsidies, we see that the entire French audiovisual landscape (the PAF) is owned by only a few.

EBU 030 — 18/9/2022 — Myriam Palomba

Myriam Palombe, former press officer, takes up the first article of the Munich Charter. She explains that the population does not read anymore. The journalists, working from home, had only one source of information left: the AFP. The citizen no longer wants to be informed and this is also a problem. She concludes with Article 9 of the Münich Charter, which states that a journalist should not confuse his or her profession with that of an advertiser or propagandist.

EBU 031 — 18/9/2022 — Police for truth

Sonia Vescovacci: Spanish policewoman in activity, Catherine Garnier, divisional commander: retired from the French national police, Stéphane D’Herde: divisional commissioner of the Belgian federal police,

Margot: volunteer fireman, relay here the call of their association Police for Truth.

EBU 032 — 18/9/2022 — Joëlle Richardière

Joëlle Richardière, pedagogue and art therapist, spokesperson for the « Enfance et Liberté » collective, assesses the impact of the Covid crisis on the fate of children and explains how to provide new responses to this problem.

EBU 033 — 18/9/2022 — Emmanuelle Darles

Emmanuelle Darles, teacher and university researcher specializing in computer simulation, modeling and big data, and has turned to artificial intelligence. Its academic status allows it to be totally neutral without any pressure or commercial objectives. However, she is the subject of disciplinary proceedings following her public positions and for « anti-vax remarks » after she spoke about a public report by the ANSM.

EBU 034 — 18/9/2022 — Antoine Cuttitta

Antoine Cuttitta, founder of the Human Alliance, is here to talk about communication. He insists on the importance of not (anymore) presenting ourselves, nor behaving, as victims. He explains his role as a re-informer, through the information channel he initiated.

EBU 035 — 18/9/2022 — Pierre Barnérias

Pierre Barnérias, director of the films Hold-Up, Hold-On and Hold-Out, declares: « We are in a Nazi regime today ». He explains how the AFP led to and enabled 17 billion injections through its media bludgeoning. He launches « Citizen Light », professional journalists who will serve the citizens. The idea is to use this channel to send them information that the journalists will study. The agency is being set up.

EBU 036 — 18/9/2022 — Ryszard Zajaczkowski

Ryszard Zajaczkowski, professor of philosophy at the University of Lublin in Poland, discusses the notion of the common good, known at the time of Plato and Aristotle and refined by St. Thomas Aquinas, which has little presence in contemporary scientific thinking and disappears from society’s discussions.

EBU 037 — 18/9/2022 — Closing Ceremony

Jim Stark, head of technology and TWEB and ACID (collaborative information and dissemination agency), hosts this closing night of the Université d’Été Résistante.
Congratulating all the citizen media for their collaboration during this university. He tells us about this project which, starting from a simple USB key, will allow the broadcasting of all these media, directly on a television set. Tomorrow, this media block will be better than the mainstream media.

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