Under the pretext of citizenship, violence is taught at school.

Shocking images are beginning to appear on our screens: children, sometimes very young, dressed as police officers, shooting at fake targets and training in combat techniques, and this in a school setting. No you are not dreaming, it is the association Prox’ Raid Aventure which is at the origin of this propaganda.

For 25 years, the association Prox’raid Aventure has been organizing citizen and fields days in many cities and more particularly in the so-called « sensitive » neighborhoods.

Its founder, Bruno Pomart, is an ambitious man: former Raid policeman, mayor of Belflou and guest on many television platforms such as TPMP, RMC, BFMTV, where he is invited as an expert. However, behind it, there is Prox’Raid Aventure?

Prox’Raid Aventure, it’s more than 70 days of prevention organized throughout France, the program: handcuffing workshops, self-defense, shooting, first aid… The goal is to « reconcile the population and mainly the young people » with the police force in order to break the stereotypes about the police that can be seen in American and French police series. The association states on its website: « the climate in certain neighborhoods in France tends to become tense. The relationship between the police and a part of the population, especially young people, is regularly damaged by a mutual misunderstanding. Thus, a fringe of the population rarely considers the police as a protection. Each police intervention is considered as an aggression and an intrusion in their neighborhood. This misunderstanding only amplifies the growing misunderstanding between the two parties. »

It seems that if some neighborhoods do not see the police as a protection it is simply due to a lack of culture of the young people… Surprising then.

This propaganda slips into the school benches

But the project does not stop at voluntary activities in isolated neighborhoods, it starts to appear in schools under the name of « sports and citizenship day » without explaining beforehand to parents what it is about.

Sports and Citizenship Days(1)

For example, last September 27 in an elementary school in Saint-Denis. When the children returned home that night, they explained to their parents that they had been dressed as mini CRS, equipped with fake weapons and trained, sometimes without a teacher present, to become « good policemen ». You can understand the shock of these parents in the face of this organized propaganda, this indoctrination of children to state violence. That the latter, and above all the teachers, under the guise of « national education » are not only complicit in this kind of days, but encourage them, is simply shameful.

In a statement addressed to the city’s mayor, the education inspector and the prefect, the parents of these children testify to their indignation, particularly that « police officers have asked and noted on their cell phones the name, age and even address of some children. » The parents question the legitimacy and purpose of this perfectly illegal data collection.

Open letter from the parents of Langevin Elementary(2)

You only have to go on the Facebook of the association to realize that this kind of operations in the school setting (it is indeed the setting that is the most distressing in the story) is quite common for these « generous volunteers »(3).

Let’s remember that in 2022, if on the one hand we were lacking teachers (more than 4000 positions are still vacant) and we were reducing the budget in hospitals, on the other hand we were recruiting without counting in the police and the forces of order, increasing more and more our budgets for armament, defense, etc. In view of this data, one can only question the legitimacy of going to schools to encourage young people to look into the military and police profession. The parents are outraged about this:  » If there are resources available, let them be used to replace absent teachers, to put back in place our support network (the 4 teachers of our Specialized Support Network for Students in Difficulty have disappeared this year), to recruit permanent teachers and not contractuals at the Pôle emploi. And for the City, to hire enough animators for our children, not to ration bread in the canteen, not to outsource school maintenance staff to the private sector. If the municipal police have time available, we would welcome them to improve traffic and parking in front of the school for the safety of our children « .

Counter Attack writes a most interesting analysis in its article(4):

 » This kind of maneuver has a name: counterinsurgency. It is a military doctrine aimed at obtaining the support of the population in the context of an armed conflict. It is a question of carrying out propaganda actions in parallel with repression actions, to obtain the adhesion of the inhabitants and thus to isolate the opponents. This doctrine, developed in France, was used during the colonial wars and then exported to many authoritarian regimes. Behind the « leisure » aspect, getting the population used to police and military practices from a very young age is not insignificant. At present, the Secretariat for Youth is under the supervision of the Ministry of the Armed Forces. Macron militarizes and indoctrinates the youth in a forced march. Young people must be future cops, cannon fodder or boss fodder. No other perspectives. No difference with a far-right government. None. But if Marine Le Pen organizes such courses, many more people are scandalized.  »

Anaïs C.

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