The silence of the slippers…

Letter from our lawyer to the Association of Professional Journalists — 16.02.22

Dear AJP members, 

First of all, I am surprised, with regret, at your silence regarding my previous mailings.

Even more, the fact that journalists are now being administratively arrested does not seem to move your institution either, which seems to me to be just as surprising.
For your information, here is what could be filmed yesterday, in case you all missed this information (…) :

In the same vein, one of the journalists of the media outlet Vécu was arrested (more forcefully) on January 23.

All the images and sequences are available on the various publications of the media concerned and they are often broadcast in abundance, and in a loop.

Therefore, thank you in advance for clarifying why the AJP does not mobilize more in the face of such authoritarian drift and especially, why it now seems permissible to flout the freedom of the press in our Kingdom without any echo being felt? Do you really condone these facts?

He who does not say a word consents and silence is, in this sense, also an answer in itself.

For your information, complaints to Committee P and to an investigating judge are already underway. However, my clients demand a minimum of support (and respect) from their peers, without discrimination. I am of course available for any further information. 

Please accept, Ladies and Gentlemen, the assurance of my respectful consideration and thank you in advance for your attention. 

Dedicated feelings,

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