[SÉRIE] Chronicles of Totalitarianism: true medicine is humanistic

Tribute to Olivier Soulier.

Just as we were editing our interview with Olivier Soulier on May 13, 2023 in Paris, for publication this Sunday in « Chronique du totalitarisme », we learned of his death. A tireless defender of the truth, he shared with us his profound vision of medicine and what’s wrong with it: « When you want to understand what’s wrong with medicine today, it’s simple: you can pull the string as tight as you like, but at some point you’ll come across the word ‘business’, ‘profitability’  ». True medicine is humanistic, a medicine of meaning, as opposed to technocratic medicine. In the wake of Olivier Soulier’s tragic death, we’re bringing forward the publication of this beautiful meeting in Paris. Rest in peace Olivier, you were a beacon.

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