[SÉRIE] Chronicles of Totalitarianism: the traumatized children of Covid-19 policies

This man, at the service of the system, has truly sold his children to the economic world. In the same way that children were the prime target of car manufacturers, as they were the first to influence parents’ commercial choices, they have been turned into tools for infusing the dominant ideas into society, embedding them deeply within them, both to make them the formatted adult of the future, but also to use them as leverage to « save grandma and grandpa ». For three years, the child was bombarded with paradoxical injunctions, ordered to wear a mask when he was fine, to test himself when he wasn’t sick, to distance himself from his peers when they were essential to his proper development. The adult world has broken into the child’s world. We must repair the deep wounds we have inflicted on them. This will require a paradigm shift.

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