Resistance is growing

You have noticed that for some time now, the powerful have been asking everyone to be sober. A large publicity is organized around this change of tone. But, even if widely followed, this request will be ineffective if limited to private consumption only. Moreover, the proposed efforts only concern gas and electricity consumption, whereas the energy that each person spends is mainly generated by the objects that are purchased. In fact, the production of these products uses much more energy than we consume directly at home. They would have us believe that this policy is motivated by an ecological concern when in fact it is only a reaction to the closure of gas pipelines coming from Russia in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian war. If we want our fellow citizens to reduce their consumption of all kinds, we should put an end to the crime-pusher that is advertising. It is paradoxical to advocate sobriety and at the same time promote consumption through the multiplication of advertis …

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