Putin is not dead, even if they dream of it

While the Western media and politicians see in the turnaround of Evgeni Prigogine and his Wagner group the beginnings of a Western war and, perhaps they dare not dream of it, the overthrow of Vladimir Putin, whom the chief editorialist of the daily Le Soir would have liked to see « neutralized » a long time ago(1)Today, we asked Erwan Castel for his analysis. Putting things into perspective…

For Erwan Castel, more than a coup d’état, we are witnessing a « coup d’éclat », which has every chance of coming to an end early this week(2), with the Wagner soldiers returning like dogs, their tails between their legs. While Prigogine may have been a pertinent critic, making fair and reasonable judgments about the attitude of the Russian general staff, his sudden and unexpected mutiny is more a form of delirium, signalling a form of suicide for the man who founded the Wagner mercenary group, who will undoubtedly see a tragic outcome: either a bullet in the head of those who won’t trust him and see him as a dangerous character, or ending up in the jails of Russian prisons.

However, in the Western delirium into which we are plunged, where when A is not B, A is also equal to B, the principle of non-contradiction being flouted every day, we can also count on members of parliament, especially French ones, who voted 331 in favor and zero against declaring the organization a terrorist organization, to be just as zealous and remind us what they thought of them not so long ago.(3).

The Western media-political caste is relentlessly scrutinizing any sign that might indicate the Russian people’s defection to their leader. Unfortunately for them, the « big day » has not yet arrived, and they will have to wait for American domination to absorb the last bastions of opposition.

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