Mask policy

From the mask of Guy Fawkes and Anonymous to the one that was supposed to protect usof covid-19, the political spectrum that separates emancipation from generalized oppression and stultification unfolds. Hiding from power is the best thing in the world; hiding because power tells us to, only expresses our submission. And that’s just one step on the slope of this increasingly intense global « politics of the worst »… Far from being a health barrier, the covid mask policy was initially a bone of contention. These disputes, in the climate of chaos, inconsistency and fear that was the 2020–2022 period, gave rise to opposition that could even lead to schism. It’s a pity, because we’ve missed an opportunity to overcome the divisions that the political, media, medical and pharmaceutical powers (i.e. capital in all its horror) strive to create between us every day. Therein lies the master stroke of our managers. On the one hand, there are the supporters of state policy and the pharmaceutical …

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