Kairos Weekly 3

This summer, the Kairos « Weekly » is written so that what we put into words and images this spring in a new format, is remembered. Because we are quick to forget current events, but remembering what has been allows us to better understand the present and to prepare for the future, and perhaps even to participate in it. 

We recently explained to you that the Minister Bénédicte Linard had added to the indispensable conditions to be able to claim the next aids to the periodical press, that of being from now on member of the AADJ: the association of the self-regulation of the high journalistic authority

The AADJ, an association founded by the AJP and, in particular, Rossel, IPM, Editions de l’Avenir, Le Vif, Belga, Nostalgie, RTBF, etc. 

But even before asking for the subsidies for the year 2022, we had felt that the wind was turning and that the ministerial cabinet assimilated us to evil conspirators…

See instead:

The knife fell on April 6:

 » I would like to inform you that on March 30th, the AADJ General Assembly decided by a qualified majority of votes not to admit Kairos as a new member of the association. Attached is an excerpt from the minutes of the meeting « .

Among those who voted on March 30 to decide whether Kairos would join AADJ, and thus whether we would receive the next grants:

The AJP, which had 800 votes, and the others, who shared the other 800 votes. Among these, LaPresse.be, an alliance of news media, with 237 votes, megaphone of the press of the power, composed of Mediafin, L’Avenir, Grenzecho, IPM, Rossel, Sudinfo. Among the 800 votes, we will also find RTBF, with 142 votes, RTL with 142 votes too, we will not make jealous, WeMedia, which collaborates with Reuters, Yahoo!, or Nokia, we even found Medor, with a voice…

Do you realize who decides the journalistic landscape in Belgium?

And that, undemocratically, they don’t even have to justify their decision. Obviously, it is unjustifiable. 

Meanwhile, those who call themselves just and free distribute your money to their buddies, to those who say what those who give want to hear:

The AJP receives 556,000 euros, IPM 3 million, Rossel 1 million 8, Lapresse.be (look!), 545 thousand… 

We then turned to the World Organization of the Periodical Press, the WOPP, verdict: no. And like AADJ, they don’t have to justify the reasons.

They are then surprised that journalists are the target of popular discontent, and I quote:« the distrust and even hostility of a part of the population is loudly heard, through petitions or malicious e‑mail campaigns.  »

Dear friends of the AJP, perhaps we should ask ourselves why.… It is easier to proudly wear the pins of Ukraine, to put in the new fashionable colors their newspaper, and to proudly brandish in family the « Prize for democracy and human rights ». In a true democracy, there is no need to talk about democracy.

Elected officials and those who still believe them, jump on the causes stamped « of controlled origin », that is to say accepted by the system, those which are sure to ensure its perpetuation…

What else can we expect from our complaint against the State for obstructing the freedom of the press for more than 8 months, what else can we expect from the judge who mechanically copies in her conclusion extracts from the AJP’s emails, the journalists’ « union ». Censorship? Where? In Congo, in China? Not in Belgium!

Meanwhile, the Brussels Region is adopting its own pandemic law. As lawyer Audrey Despontin says:  » The parliamentarians have delegated to the executive power the possibility of imposing on the territory of Brussels-Capital various sanitary measures in order to limit the spread of Covid-19 and in particular the closing of establishments or the prohibition of gatherings  » (…) The college is supposed to measure the adequacy and the proportionality of these measures, not on the basis of the effectiveness of these measures but on the basis of epidemiological criteria. In other words, as long as the number of infections or hospitalizations increases, for example, any « sanitary » measure could be decided, without examining its relevance « .

This blindness to the world that is out there can be found among those few who see in the title of our latest dossier on the « Deep State », the proof of an unfailing maniacal conspiracy. Macron and McKinsey, Von der Leyen and Bourla, the lancetgame, the Ivermectin scandal… Move along, there’s nothing to see.

In the meantime, people are also dying from the vaccines they sold us for months as a universal remedy and a return to normality.

To find the original video: https://www.kairospresse.be/kairos-hebdo‑3/

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