KAIROS Press Release — Absurdity and injustice of mandatory vaccination for caregivers

The House of Representatives is asked to vote on the bill  » on mandatory vaccination of health care professionals against Covid-19″ (House Document 2533, available on the House of Representatives website(1)) brought by the current Minister of Health, Mr. Vandenbroucke, already validated by the Health Commission and on which the Legislation Section of the Council of State has issued a first opinion. Amendments have been made and the parliamentary minority has obtained a new opinion from the Legislation Section of the Council of State, which should be given very soon. What are we talking about?

It is a question of a legal framework allowing to trigger, at any time, a vaccination obligation targeted on caregivers with the identification of sanctions in case of non-compliance. These sanctions can range from withdrawal of treatment to termination of employment. At this stage, it is however very difficult to obtain clear explanations on the aims and objectives of such a measure which appears to be a political choice, not enlightened by scientific arguments and aiming at safeguarding the reuse of health strategies put in place since two years: the CST, vaccination… However, both on the form and the substance, the imposition of such a vaccine obligation is a flagrant irrationality.

- First, there was no consultation with caregivers and parliament about the need to activate such a measure. However, the sanctions mentioned (loss of salary and dismissal) are particularly drastic.

- Secondly, the political choice that this measure constitutes looks more like a headlong rush to pursue the vaccine strategy rather than the reasoned development of a bill. In fact, any critical analysis of the weaknesses of the health strategy is swept aside by the government and the vaccination obligation ratifies the absolute and definitive prioritization of vaccination and, in fine, the violation of medical confidentiality normally guaranteed by the RGPD.

- However, the current vaccines have zero efficiency on contaminations. Scientifically, this compulsory vaccination is therefore in no way justifiable and relevant, since it has been proven that those vaccinated also transmit the virus. Moreover, it denies the various testimonies and reports that document the more or less serious side effects attributable to the vaccine.

- To vote for the vaccine obligation is to close one’s eyes to the alternative that constitutes the early management of Covid-19 patients by our general practitioners capable of effectively prescribing anti-inflammatory drugs to fight against cytokine storms, anti-coagulants to prevent the risks of thrombosis, antibiotic therapy in case of post-viral phase bacterial co-infection, or even home oxygen, if the cytokine storm (inflammation) has been treated late.

- Also, mandatory immunization may result in a shortage of health care workers(2). Indeed, non-vaccinated caregivers, although in the minority, are convinced of their choice and mandatory vaccination will encourage them to leave the health care system, which is already affected by staff shortages; the situation is particularly dramatic in ICUs (Intensive Care Units). In the end, such a measure, violating the fundamental right to physical integrity, will only contribute to the neoliberal logic of dismantling the public health service by reducing the available forces and increasing social inequalities. To vote for this law is to encourage the flight of thousands of caregivers essential to the common health.

- Finally, if this vaccination obligation is validated, it will create a dangerous precedent that will offer politicians an absolutely disproportionate tool that they can use as they please. Kairos has already publicly demonstrated the conflicts of interest between members of the Vaccine Task Force and the pharmaceutical industry. Once again, politicians make their decisions based on the advice of industry rather than impartial scientists.

If the hospital needs anything, it is investments that guarantee the renewal and upgrading of staff and quality care, rather than a punitive logic that weakens the architecture of the welfare state even more and sweeps away scientific truth. Opposing compulsory vaccination means refusing the authoritarian headlong rush our governments have been making since the beginning of the crisis.

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