« I demand that the Council of the Order receive me »

We reproduce below with his kind permission Alain Colignon’s letter, sent today to the Ordre des Médecins.

Mr. Dejemeppe,
President of the National Order of Physicians

Brussels, February 7, 2022

Mr. Dejemeppe,

This time I demand that the Council of the Order receive me.

This is a serious time.

We now have evidence that early outpatient treatment has saved many, many lives. The corollary is that blood stains the hands of those who, through your fault, did not prescribe them! We have evidence that vaccination is ineffective and is complicated by major, underestimated, underreported and even hidden side effects. Mass vaccination will be one of the great mistakes of this century and you have made us accomplices to it.

Our ethics require us to offer our patients the most informed advice, to inform them, to obtain their consent, to respect their choices and to treat them according to the most certain scientific evidence, all with sympathy and benevolence. This is our oath in a nutshell… the oath you asked us to betray.
Any conscientious physician should have or should have systematically countered the measures of a government that you supported with all your might.

This is the path I have set for myself, including:

  • By refusing to close my office when ordered to do so,
  • By refusing to make telephone consultations at 20 €,
  • Prescribing early outpatient treatment when indicated,
  • By discouraging mass vaccination,
  • By radically refusing the vaccination of young people and pregnant women,
  • By refusing to stupidly hide behind a useless mask when I was seeing patients who were not sick.

You should have supported me, but you have expressed doubts about my positions. You were wrong.

You reminded me that I should follow Sciensano’s recommendations. I answered you that Sciensano was not competent to direct my conscience.
You have encouraged me — indirectly — not to prescribe hydroxychloroquine. I told you I would.
You sent me a circular on January 23, 2021 directing me to promote vaccination. I did exactly the opposite.
My own son, many friends and colleagues, because of you, have given in to blackmail.
You summoned me to appear before an investigating committee on January 18 on the basis of a tragicomic complaint by Dr. Michèle Gérard. I submitted to it, I deposed in charge. I am waiting impatiently, but in vain, for a summons to appear before the board.

On numerous occasions over the past 16 months, I have suggested that we discuss these issues in a calm manner. You declined my invitations on the grounds that the questions I was asking were political-ethical.
They were not, are not and will never be.

I am right and you are wrong!

You have taken a power that is not meant for you. You are not in charge of us to think for us. You are there to guarantee a good administration of justice and you take advantage of it to violate our most sacred principles by supporting the Jupiterian oukases of Mr. Vandenbroucke.
We will not renege on our Oath because you are at the command of the executive. You are originally a standing magistrate. We can’t help it if you were forced to sit down!

Our Vice-President, Dr. Philippe Boxho, has just resigned when it is you who should have left.
Who do you expect to believe that this upright, competent colleague, determined to defend the right ideas, could have left your Council to manage overdue expert reports? Could a man of integrity, who moreover occupies the highest step of the ordinal podium, accept to be forced to express his ideas on vaccination in the columns of a nightly gazette and to be forced to take oratorical precautions because his President plays the dark despot?

The truth will join the story. The truth always catches up with the story. If I’m wrong, write me off, if I’m right, follow me.

I am the spokesperson for a humane medicine. I am overwhelmed by patients desperate to be heard, I have so many calls I can’t keep up with them. I am hurt and angry that I can’t answer all these distraught people who send me so many anguished calls… I owe it to you!

It’s time to talk about it…

My Career for a platform!

Yours sincerely

Alain Colignon

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