Can you be influenced?

One way of disseminating advertising that is gaining ground is through influencers. These are people who, by virtue of their status, their position in society or their media exposure, are opinion leaders likely to propagate ideas in the digital world. Advertisers were quick to seize on the opportunity, and the most consulted influencers became sandwich screens for brands. Influencers are identified and rewarded by the number of followers and likes they receive. The majority of advertising carriers are those who advise on consumer habits. It’s easy to make people believe that to be a good consumer, you have to buy product X or Y. The fashion/beauty and lifestyle sectors dominate, followed by tourism, high-tech, sports, food and pets. The medium for this activity can be blogs (156 million blogs and almost a million new blog posts are published every day), but the majority of message producers use social networks. So you can find them on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, or even on their …

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