Autonomy or dependence? The Maltese example

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Chanic The economy only wants to see human beings as individual consumers, as dependent as possible, employees locked into work, ready to do anything to benefit from an annual « escape ». But this vision runs counter to our deepest, autonomous, spiritual and collective nature. Sustainable degrowth proposes a way out of this dependency, in particular by renouncing mass tourism. Malta is an example of a tourist destination that illustrates the dichotomy between economic omnipotence and ecological impotence. DEPENDENCY OR DECLINE? Twenty years ago, when I joined the anti-advertising movement and the growth objectors, I had the feeling of having found my family of thought, of breaking out of isolation and entering into collective resistance. I also had the impression of having become virtuous (observance of the 10 precepts; ecological footprint equal to 1.5; Nicolas Hulot test, with a score of ‑11) and of finding myself up against villains(1), « je-m’en-foutistes », in a perverse wor …
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