An epidemic that is neither significant nor serious

INTERVIEW WITH LAURENT TOUBIANA(1) Kairos: Laurent Toubiana, you are a researcher at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research, an epidemiologist and director of the Research Institute for the Valorization of Health Data, which works on epidemics. You have just written Covid-19, another vision of the epidemic. They can’t say they didn’t know. Did you use official figures? Laurent Toubiana: Yes, these are the perfectly official figures that everyone can get from the Internet. My job is to understand what’s going on with this data. Despite this, you have been told that you do not meet the standards of the scientific community. Not sure what that means, in the end… It doesn’t mean anything! But what you say appeals to me, since I didn’t know that there were standards in terms of scientific approach. There are many methods that everyone uses and there is accessible data. So the standard is to actually follow the scientific method, which is to say where the data c …
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  1. Épidémiologiste français. Voir l’interview complète: https://www.kairospresse. be/lepidemie-de-covid-ne-fut-ni-grave-ni-importante/

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