A look back at the floods of July 2021

On July 14, incessant rains were beating down on Belgium, particularly affecting the Liège region. Kairos went to the site to meet with disaster victims who have long since stopped waiting for the State’s benevolence. Since the beginning, citizens have come from all over Belgium to help them, including many Flemings.

However, these rains and the risk of serious flooding had been announced 4 days in advance by international organizations, and repeated several times. Belgian officials did not care. Today, the same people who did not make the decisions that needed to be made will tell us that they have nothing to reproach themselves for. They will pretend to set up commissions of inquiry that will investigate nothing and lead nowhere.

Olivier Maroy, the one who called Kairos a rag in the parliamentary commission, will perhaps decide to go and get a few hundred million euros from the Belgians mentioned in the Pandora papers, to distribute them to those who have nothing left?

After these floods, the dead will not come back, the poor will be poorer, and the real estate agents and other businessmen are waiting for the right moment.

Meanwhile, the crooked politicians remain in place. And the journalists remain silent. As usual.

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