With the will to harm

Photo: Lubo Durzo

In the past, there were constitutions, protocols, and rites of passage for access to decision-making positions. The clan, the tribe and then the peoples chose, named, those among them who would carry out a common destiny. Today, shortcuts, co-optations, frauds, etc. have replaced what could still remind us of the democratic principle. To install « elites » ready for anything, even the worst.

We are witnessing the advent of detestable characters with fake smiles who, with their cold eyes, announce restriction after restriction and threats after threats. Pandemics, climate, recessions, wars… all their means are good to unite us in anguish (we could unite in hope by refusing their control but we can always dream). And it works, just like in the Covid days. Worries about energy bills and supplies in the coming months (let alone food) are spreading to households. Only the form changes, two years ago the question was will we be able to celebrate Christmas with our family? This year, it’s will we be able to celebrate Christmas…? Perhaps this maneuver is added to the agenda, in the idea of the Christmas vacations now called winter vacations or those of Easter called spring vac ations? This is a likely assumption, since little is left to chance among the so-called « elite » leaders. In front of the still majority apathy of the masses, they can claim this title.

These detestable characters occupy key positions and, with their crass arrogance, bring us the bad word. The exact opposite of what one would expect from those at the helm. Unless the plan is to sink the ship. Is it normal for a Belgian Prime Minister to quietly tell the people that « the next 5 to 10 winters will be difficult? »(1). Is this the right way to express yourself? Would this be the way to strengthen and secure the future of a country? And what to think of a French president returning from vacation (in luxury and at the taxpayer’s expense) who announces « the end of abundance and carefree living »?(2). Similarly, what precisely are the « powers » of the President of the European Commission to allow herself to refuse any discussions with Russia and to pillory anyone who might be tempted to do so? What is the meaning of such interference, of such dictatorial flights of fancy, with considerable risks for European countries and the durability of a Union already in perdition? And how to justify this disdain for the laws and the commission of inquiry concerning the emails exchanged with the Pfizer group and the obvious conflict of interest of the husband of the President?(3) It should also be noted that Albert Burla, CEO of Pfizer, refused to appear before a committee of the European Parliament to explain the case.(4).

As a reminder of her background, Ursula von der Layen (since it is necessary to name the enemy) crashed the German Ministry of Defense by showing a rare incompetence and was almost exfiltrated to find herself in her current position. By the miracles of cronyism and obviously with a specific mission. Elected by no people, but imposed on all, Madam President has in her bag of tricks of chaos, means of repression against those who would not follow the prerogatives of the New World Order. A name that for a long time has not been the prerogative of the so-called conspiracy circles (for those who still do not follow).

In his sights, after Hungary, which has just had the audacity to ask for the lifting of sanctions against Russia, Italy and its naughty citizens who voted badly. Madam President had warned them(5) but now the election of the Mussolinian Georgia Meloni brings the boot close to the darkest hours of our history. When will we see an Italoexit? Perhaps not for tomorrow, knowing that it is not sure that the one who should succeed Mario Draghi, despite his flights of fancy supposed to frighten the champions of globalism, is nothing more than a new piece of controlled opposition. To be continued.

While some are calling for her resignation, the surprising(6) Ursula von der Layen is one of the best examples of this contemptuous caste that presses the gas pedal with a perverse smile while the wall is in sight. Like her species, she believes she will have left the vehicle before impact. She can wish it for herself and her fellow men. Because delivered to a desperate popular vindictiveness in a world in free fall, their fate could be tragic. History is full of examples.

It is likely that among these people there are real morons, complete incompetents. But this simplification, already used in the time of Covid, should not make us forget that most of them know very well what they are doing. And that they will not be forgiven. Incompetence as an explanation is another path to global governance. The truth is that they are at best coasting, at worst they are driving for the next world, the one on the Davos calendar. With this smugness that we find in lighter moments and that shows how much they don’t care about what we can think of them. Like the Finnish Prime Minister and her dance parties(7) or like at the funeral of the Queen of England, when the Canadian Prime Minister sings a Queen song in a piano bar(8) or when the French President arrives in casual suit and sneakers(9). They are like insolent teenagers who disregard all decorum and lack exemplarity. Anecdotal at first glance, but the media having practically sold Elizabeth II to us as our grandmother, one could almost be offended. Note that the same media reported in all seriousness that more than 4 billion people watched the ceremony live on television(10). Reminder: officially, there are soon to be 8 billion people on this planet. Look for the error, there is one.

This mock communion is not a first. In September 2022, we are all orphans as we were all Americans in September 2001. A true mantra that, among other things, gave birth to the Patriot Act. This is not without reminding us of recent events. At random, a health pass which is, for the moment, no longer required. This is because the anti-terrorism measures that resulted from the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York have been the international norm for more than 20 years, with all the controversies that this implies(11). We will not go back over the fact that the Patriot Act was ready (132 pages) on September 26, 15 days after the attacks. Apparently, people worked hard to produce this document in a short period of time. The victims, the mystery of the collapse of the three towers and the investigation that was supposed to shed light on the whole affair were secondary. The story, however adulterated, continues whereas in the framework of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, with the Atlantisto-Ottoman hegemony, we are once again all Americans, but this time unwillingly. Because (for those who still haven’t followed) our countries are Washington’s lackeys and we are witnessing and participating in Europe’s suicide. It is not a symbol, it is a reality and our gravediggers strut between the United Nations, the G7 Summit or the European Parliament. Borrowed from a spectacular morgue and actions that deserve the mention With will to harm.

The question is to know how long this circus, which did not start yesterday, will continue, and whose performances are ever more grotesque with their sinister clowns and their fatal comedy. The sabotage of the pipelines — the accident seems as likely as the idea of bombing a nuclear power plant that has been taken over(12) — Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 is perhaps the sequence of too much. But after all, as Ursula von der Layen warns Europeans who do not do what they are told, Joe Biden warned last February(13) and the Americans already have experience in this area(14). It can be noted that the current president of the world’s greatest power is more or less living proof that any puppet can hold office. It is disturbing, but less so than the shenanigans of those who pull the strings and are capable of anything. Just like the new (in her case really incompetent) British Prime Minister who would not hesitate to press the nuclear button. His answer follows the question with frightening conviction(15).

The gravediggers are pushing the issue further and are already accusing Russia of having damaged its own pipelines(16) even though no investigation has begun. This condemnation is unfounded, because to schematize (and for those who still do not follow), it is enough for the Russians to close the valves to obtain the same effect. In addition, having your hand on the tap is an effective negotiation tool. By destroying their own facility, in addition to the long and heavy repair costs, they would lose this serious advantage. But this is not in line with the version we are constantly fed, and not only about the war. One dares not imagine what could happen now that Russia has just signed the annexation of four Ukrainian regions after a referendum that saw the « yes » of the people win(17). What new number will the « elites » put in place, even if it means that we really wonder with legitimate anxiety: will we be able to celebrate Christmas…? All of this relayed by the bias and the ambient media manichaeism. Until disgust, until saturation, until collective suicide. But in any case, the job of the gravediggers is to dig our graves.

Nicolas d’Asseiva

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