In the spring of 2020, in the face of what was then the « coronavirus », the president of a neighboring country had said this formula that made a lot of talk: « We are at war ». In this vein, « curfews » were imposed on the population, which, in the memory of Europeans, took us back to the 1940s. In some countries, a « task force » has been set up to combat a scourge that is expected to decimate a large part of humanity. Although the term has become commonplace in the corporate world, the origin of the « task force » dates back to World WarII to define troops and other warships formed temporarily and awaiting a mission. 

To complete the circle, the WHO has just announced that « the Omicron variant is a ceasefire that could end the pandemic ». Always the warmongering parallel, even if a « cease-fire » is a note of hope, as if a virus were a tangible enemy with its own forces and armed contingent. In the mouths of the leaders, the Covid and its endless variants (a natural logic forgotten by these warmongers) is an enemy finally « visible » while, since the beginning, we are claimed the opposite. But it is true that in this crisis we have long since overcome all contradictions. When we observe the measures put in place in neighbouring countries, we see that the virus, like the radioactive cloud of Chernobyl, would follow the borders and respect geopolitics. « We are at war »? Not in the sense that it is imposed on us, but in the sense of the daily life in which we have been plunged. By instituting a security environment where denunciation, obedience and control become the mainspring of tomorrow’s world, the authorities in place (who are well named) bring us back to other times. But if it is a question of abdication, of following or of cowardice, it is also a question of refusal and « resistance ». The word is out. On this one, we can make the comparison with the past. It is less obvious to apply it to Nazism and the controversial subject of wearing the yellow star during demonstrations against health measures. But that is not the issue here. « Let’s be content » with resistance and for once approve the narrative of a president under control, like his counterparts in Belgium and elsewhere who clearly act for interests that have nothing to do with that of the people. 

In short, if « we are at war », let’s use this « we » wisely and apply the vocabulary inherent to this statement, let’s really enter into resistance as in the darkest hours of history. By referring to a context that is more than 70 years old, let’s act as if we were there. It sounds ridiculous, it doesn’t have to be, especially if you think about technology and the way we live today? And yet, what if this was one of the keys to dodge the new dark hours that are in store for us? If it was a « secret » too
simple as effective since we would return to the fundamentals, to the concrete, without the immateriality of the digital, without the slightest trace in the worrying and gigantic « cloud ». 

It is enough to have regular schedules and meeting points where the waves of all kinds pass with difficulty, where each one will take care to leave his
cell phone at home, where we share a meal in Spanish hostel mode, where we exchange, where we talk, in short, where we do not forget to live. In these places, we create an energy, a network that is not virtual. We list addresses in defined areas where we can go to other supporters at any time, if needed. Where one can share and benefit from the know-how and means made available by everyone. Where we can make plans to be together and self-sufficient if need be. Similarly, we can identify public places, especially bars and restaurants where we are welcomed as in « the world before ». Namely by a simple hello not followed by a QR code request. And to organize all this, what better way than by mail, which still works well today! With passwords, phrases, appointments. Once recorded in our heads, which only want to function by themselves, it only remains to burn the « evidence ». A folkloric way of doing things, perhaps, but certainly effective. There are still many other possibilities, let’s be inventive. 

Do these ideas sound like fun? Outdated? Utopian? You should know that this networking worthy of another time, since it is out of control in the good sense of the word, is already taking place. In countries not far away and maybe not even far from your home. Look for it, try it, you might be surprised at the result. Especially in a daily life where communication systems are altered or non-existent over long or short periods of time, or where supply chains are disrupted. Situations that may arise sooner than we think. You may also think, with reason, that we are reaching the end of the health sequence. But this is only the first step. The next ones are coming, also faster than you might think. Faster than the return of the good weather and this « break in the agenda » in which most of us will rush in with euphoria when it would be the ideal moment to set other milestones, grains of sand in the globalist mechanism. 

We can therefore think of « war » in the sense of resistance, or even dissidence, since our attention is currently drawn to the sound of boots on the Ukrainian border. Another way of playing with fire, since the real masters of the world are also sorcerers’ apprentices, and of embarking on a potentially global conflict. In appearance only. To stir up fears, to hide a social and economic collapse that we want to keep under control. In this hypothesis, it will only be revealed when the majority will have accepted without flinching its status of human in digital slavery, after having been washed away by all the phases of the calendar (climate, terrorism, global and/or civil war, virus,…). 

With Ukraine and Russia, as with China and Taiwan (since in the « game of ugly families » we have « the Russians and their thirst for conquest » as we have « the Chinese and their markets for bats and other pangolins »), we could make people fear a world war. In the same way that one could make believe that a worldwide pandemic will eliminate 95% of humanity. This is just one of the many scenarios that fill the pockets of the true enemies of mankind. For the time being, in the absence of a real war, let us organize a real resistance. « It’s always a good deal for the enemy », the expression is more than ever appropriate.

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