Why stop there?

What a slogan! While the 3rd dose of vaccination against Covid has only been followed by 4.3% of the Belgian population (as of 07/04/2023), the propaganda is back in full swing. Whether in the street, on television, on the radio or on the internet. The mower is back in action.

In its latest report, the WHO specifies that vaccination should focus on people at risk and that complete vaccination of the healthy population is no longer relevant.

Our Belgian decision makers seem to be closed on the subject, and surely consider that WHO has slipped to the dark side of the force.

Let’s focus on the slogan « To protect me the others »! The scientific literature, accepted by all, attests that vaccination does not protect against transmission. Worse, the number of 2 of Pzifer, declared in front of the European Parliament, that the transmission had not been studied within the framework of the tests prior to the marketing of the vaccine against covid.

It is therefore a case of false advertising, vitiating the informed consent of the patient.

In a second step, the publicist’s mark is felt. We had already seen a targeting of predominantly unvaccinated communities. This process is implemented again. Poor Abdul.

Campaign https://covid-vaccinatie.be/fr

The side effects of the injections and the moratorium demanded by more and more scientists do not seem to be on the agenda, while the number of gullible citizens, who continue to suffer from side effects, is growing day by day.

It’s not for lack of warning, you might say. Yes, but authority is the law for many and as long as similar campaigns are organized, the weakest, the most frightened, the followers will continue to play Russian roulette with their health.

Finally, there is reason to question the waste of public money. Whether it is in terms of advertising, logistics, or simply buying vaccines that will end up in the trash.

We continue to dig the debt hole that enslaves us. The loop is closed.

Jérome Delforge

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