Why so much Ukraine?

It is both surprising and distressing to see that the scenarios follow one another, that we always find the same (big) strings and that a large part of the public follows. His attention is focused on a single line, on the ready-to-think, even if it is erroneous, with variable geometry and often devoid of any reflection, of any hindsight. 

The current trend is blue and yellow. It must be displayed, peddled and hammered home how this imperative takes precedence over everything else. Whether it is the daily life of each one or the future of the world. Moreover, it is necessary to begin each speech with a firm condemnation of Russia with, if possible, a dubious word and a deep disgust against its president (as if he was alone in charge and decided everything partially). And there is no question of deviating from it. Not unconditionally supporting Ukraine (in reality and on dissocial networks) and expressing reservations about the context brings the suspicion of « intelligence with the enemy » to the ungodly. It is enough for him to ask a few questions to be immediately stamped with the reductive seal « pro-Russian ». A grotesque label, worthy successor of « conspiracy » or « provax ». Shortcuts, dualism, the subject changes, not the way of operating.
To be subjected to the vindictiveness of cohorts bred on the grain of ready-to-think is infamous for anyone who tries even a little to get out of this unmitigated morass. But at the same time it is terribly predictable. We find all the usual and deplorable patterns of this kind of event. With an influx of good people mobilized for two weeks, full of compassion for the Ukrainian people. But by the way, where were they and what were they doing during the massacre (which is still going on at this time) of nearly 13,000 civilians (a figure which, in this case, cannot be made official and is controversial) in the Donbass for 8 years now? What do they know about the stakes and the timeline that are bringing « war to the gates of Europe » today, as the media never run out of catch phrases?

Well, they knew little or nothing about it because they had not been asked to look closely at the East of Ukraine. Zapping and ignorance (when it is not ignorance) are the appearances of the good citizen who proudly steps forward to denounce and support the situations that are served to him « ready-made ». In fact, he does not care more than that, not to say that he does not care about what is happening — among other examples — in Palestine or in Yemen. We are still waiting for sanctions and an international boycott against Israel or Saudi Arabia. And what can we say, after so many decades and still today, about the role of the United States? 

For a long time, people have been told what to think, what to say, who are « the good guys and the bad guys »… In short, fed with circumstantial empathy, he is told what to be concerned about and especially what to be moved by. After controlled opposition, controlled emotion! 

Those who organize « the festivities » and continue their business quietly in the wings, while the public follows this premade show, have long understood how to manage such a volatile human matter. The result: people from all over the world, dressed in blue and yellow, are constantly reminded of their controlled emotions. To do this, in the corner of the screens of television channels, the logo that constantly evokes that Ukraine needs them, that there are people dying and suffering (on this point we all agree) and that this is the subject that must hold their minds, that this is what they must worry about. 

This mention, whether it is an appeal for donations or illustrates the endless « special editions » resembles those that count down the days and/or hours before an important sporting event. The appointment not to be missed at the risk of no longer being part of the group, of being excluded from this one-sided society which indicates the only possible path of your thought. In this ubiquitous incentive, it’s also a logo like this that reminds you that tonight or tomorrow the first episode or sequel of your favorite series will be broadcast. From there to think that the « Russia-Ukraine » war is the soap opera to follow… Depending on the scenario and the production of the mass media, of course. We go from thick propaganda to pure advertising. Astonishing.

The method is identical to the one used « during the pandemic ». This « deadly and borderless » pandemic that slowed down the world for almost 2 years and suddenly stopped on February 24th. If it wasn’t so dramatic it would be comical. The same process, therefore, with the number of deaths in real time in the corner of the screen and a systematic hammering of the tragedy being played out. This is unheard of and if we had done the same with cancer or hunger victims, the world would certainly have stopped.
This unification of thought could be positive if it were spontaneous. « Unity is strength » could prevail over « divide and conquer ». It would create this « reunion », this alliance which is so lacking and which is the key to face the implacable adversity, whether it is sanitary, warlike, climatic, etc. Unfortunately, the union that we would like to be sacred often comes too late and/or under the angle of fear. Currently, the nuclear scarecrow is being waved. By politicians who should turn their tongue seven times in their mouth before venturing into this kind of territory. Nuclear power reduces humans to their powerlessness and radical sweep, so everyone is in the same boat.
« A world Titanic » where in the emergency, we start to consider the other passengers and their lives not so far from ours. Even if, out of a desire to « not know » and sometimes out of contempt, there are still many people who struggle to differentiate between 1st class travelers and others.
Of course, these reflections have no place in the media rush, in the propaganda lock-up, and can only offend the « good people ». They will eventually look into it when the dust settles. But it will be too late and then their emotions will be directed to another « focus ». In spite of the anguish that we want to instill in us, it is more than important to keep our heads. In measure and especially with distance. In these terribly Manichean times, let’s try not to forget it, whatever the outcome of this war, whoever the « winner » is. With quotation marks, since any such act with its death, destruction and trauma only brings bitter victory and no one should support it. If we simplify, if we go back to the basics, these are today brotherly peoples who are fighting each other. Who could be happy about that? The Sunday warriors who are comfortable in front of their screens and have become specialists in military engineering overnight? Do they have the slightest idea of what war means? Real, hard, bloody.
No, really, no one can congratulate themselves on the ambient tragedies. Perhaps this is the case in high places? If there are any to do so, then it is to them that all should turn and demand accountability. Without compassion and with reason. And if these people exist, then they may not be strangers to this diabolical, cleverly orchestrated chaos. Let’s think about it together. Let’s be attentive, vigilant and more than ever: united.

Nicolas d’Asseiva, author of Pax Dystopia.

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