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To the end of an absurd logic

Want to end it all - advertising campaign illustration

Of amazement. This is the violent feeling I had when, walking towards my workplace one gloomy autumn morning in Brussels, this poster jumped out at me, like a spider’s web caught with full force. The image of a smiling, radiant, confident face. That of a sixty-year-old man, a grandfather with reassuring wrinkles, rich in experience, making with his left hand the « V » sign of victory, that is to say « V » for  » vaccinated »:  » To protect myself and others, I say yes to the booster. Why stop there? « .

« The bigger the better », Jacques Chirac used to say with great finesse. In a few words, this pro-booster slogan, which was supposed to reach us like an obvious fact, revolted me to the core, witness that I was, among many other silent spectators, of the field of ruins generated by two years of a scandalous and calamitous sanitary management, in terms of public health. Forever etched in my memory is the bitter memory of our health ministers reducing their mission essentially to that of « ministers of Covid19 « .

What about this anxiety-inducing climate artificially developed by the systemization of high-sensitivity PCR tests, the positive cases of which were largely asymptomatic? Whatever the pathologies of the hospitalized or deceased people, as long as they tested positive for Covid19, they inflated Sciensano’s statistics. What about mental health in this diffusion of fear? What about the wearing of masks imposed on children? What about the isolation of individuals? What about the consequences of the economic disaster caused by arbitrary commercial closures and successive confinements? What about the monstrously underestimated side effects and deaths that have occurred as a result of these experimental RNA gene inoculations, called « vaccines »? What about my wife, who has been suffering from cancer for several years, suddenly suffering from acute myocarditis within ten days of her second dose, and whose tumors multiplied with lightning speed, to the great dismay of her oncologists, eventually taking her away in several weeks?

It is thus a question of this promotion campaign organized by Coronavirus.Brussels this autumn, under the umbrella of the Brussels public administrations, in consultation with SPF Santé Publique, of boosting the « booster », that is to say a fourth dose of this famous « vaccine » having demonstrated all its effectiveness against Covid19, and its less and less formidable variants. Logical. As soon as it was launched, this « vaccine » undoubtedly prevented the transmission of the virus, it was obvious, hammered from morning to night in the media. We were all morally, and then under the liberticidal threat of the health pass, obliged to « vaccinate » ourselves massively, including young and healthy adults and health care workers. Not only to protect yourself, but also to protect others, especially the elderly. To « vaccinate » was to paralyze the circulation of the virus. The health pass, a permit to travel.

The information did not make the headlines: this argument collapsed this October 10, 2022 in the European Parliament. At a hearing, Pfizer’s President of Global Markets, Janine Small, said that no tests showing that the « vaccine » prevents transmission were conducted before its intensive distribution. Therefore it was not demonstrated that being « vaccinated » protected others, since it was not demonstrated that the virus was stopped by the « vaccine ». And I hear some ostriches these days talking about the return of a sanitary pass this winter. My arms fall off.

In the same way that the numerous wars undertaken by the USA and its allies are decided for humanitarian and democratic reasons, it is obvious that the Covid19 crisis has allowed to demonstrate, obviously, that the neoliberal system, so honest and disinterested in money, totally alien to any systemic tax evasion, is above all concerned with the general interest of the populations, and particularly the most vulnerable. This new fact must be emphasized. To « vaccinate » oneself against Covid 19, an act moreover recommended without constraint by the WHO, an international institution mainly financed by private capital, without any conflict of interest of course, was a gesture of sanitary… and social solidarity. Duly noted.

The Holy Grail was the quest for herd immunity, in other words, the lucrative distribution of billions of doses on the global market. A « vaccine » immunity whose effects last only a few months, weakening in the long run the immunity of the « vaccinated » subject, who is encouraged to receive a booster once or twice a year. To the end? Until the end, hurried or not, of his life? This risk exists. It is real. Fortunately, the contracts signed by Ursula von der Leyen exonerate the pharmaceutical dealers from any responsibility.

Until the end, with the will to follow the absurd logic of our authorities, wouldn’t it be more appropriate, to convey in our public transport, on the Brussels territory, even in the whole country, and elsewhere… the attached alternative poster?

Theo Poelaert

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