To do nothing is to be an accomplice

He fell on the ground, it’s Voltaire’s fault, his nose in the stream, it’s Rousseau’s fault. Is France’s descent into hell the fault of our rulers? To a large extent, yes, but not only. Far from it.

Exasperated by the lax behavior of a too large majority of the population, catastrophized by the level of the average IQ, tired of hearing a multitude grumbling only in private — it is not necessary to take any risk -, and tired of the indifference of the majority in front of an omnipresent oppression aiming at destroying humanity, here are some thoughts.

Recently, on Twitter, some business leaders were raising their voices about the infernal increase in electricity bills. Legitimate claim, except that it was necessary that it fell on them to make them panic. And it’s not over yet, because Elisabeth Borne has just warned that in 2023 there will be a fare increase (between 10 and 20%). This is obviously not the fault of the Russians, but of the negligence of the governments to manage — among other things — the nuclear power plants. (1)(2)

More and more people who have been vaccinated are seeing the irreversible damage of « experimental fluids » in their bodies. 2600 serious side effects per week. — Covid-19: the assessment in 40 questions, a look back on two years of information and intoxication -. However, good information is circulating. But you have to want to be informed. I am still amazed at the ease with which the vast majority of people obeyed the finger and eye. The betrayal of the financial oligarchs and of the rulers does not surprise me, but so much haste of a large part of the population to submit to useless confinements — it is proved -, to stupid curfews, to exemptions of exit, to wear a blue mask which does not protect in any way from SARS Cov‑2(3) and to be injected with « experimental liquids » still in the clinical trials phase still leaves me stunned.

Property taxes have just increased outrageously in some areas — 40% — and I still don’t see many people taking the path of resistance and civil disobedience.

In order to fight against global warming, — it has a good back -, the tax on household waste collection will triple within three years. The path of resistance is whenever you want it.

Price inflation of pellets — wood pellets -. The price of the 13 kg bag that I knew 6 years ago at 3,70 € oscillates today between 9 and 15 €. I still don’t see many people taking the path of resistance and civil disobedience. Yes, I know, I repeat myself.(4)

Rampant inflation of fuel, foodstuffs, basic necessities etc. Civil disobedience, it’s when you want…

Propaganda obliges, threat of energy recession, threat of war, threat of new pandemics… Don’t throw any more away, the yard is full.

A talentless jug — but with 280,000 TikTok subscribers, look for the mistake — stages herself in front of a fire in Spain. — 220,000 hectares gone up in smoke -. Distressing and appalling. The most incredible is that the donzelle continues to work in social networks. No censorship against this kind of scabrous exhibition. On the other hand, censorship works perfectly well for opponents and resistance fighters. My friends from the TV channel « Les Mousquetaires de l’info » have just been banned from their YouTube channel, just after an interview about our latest book.(5)

The academic level is at the bottom of the daisies. The Minister of Education seems to be more concerned with sex education in schools than with ensuring quality education. Many teachers grumble, but do nothing — sorry if I offend some, but doing nothing at the national level makes each of you an accomplice -. And parents, convinced that each of their children is a pure genius, do not hesitate to question the teachers about a low grade, rather than really looking at what the problem is. Still not many people to join the resistance, etc.(6)

The majority of artists spit on the people, more concerned with maintaining their government subsidies than with doing their job properly. Here is an excerpt from an incomprehensible interview with François Cluzet in the program, « C’est à vous ». Cluzet’s malodorous slurry, it’s here (7)

The leaders of the Republic can continue to serve their masters without batting an eye. Indeed, magistrates, whose average salary is €4,700 net, have just received a substantial increase: €1,000 gross per month.(8) Civil servants see their index point revalued by 3.5(9) and the revaluation of pensions is 4%. The government’s leitmotiv is to offset the price increase due to inflation in 2022.(10) The SMIC has only been revalued by 2.01%. — find the error — (11). The problem is that inflation is 6.1% in 2022.[voir note 11] So, other than the judiciary, you can get out the tissue box and tighten your belt.

From the flowering of the signs with the mention « Opened in the respect of the sanitary rules » adorning the fronts of a majority of stores, to the disciplined guard making sure that each potential customer crossing the door of his store smears his hands with hydroalcoholic gel, to arrive at the fractious declaration of Jean Castex, — « To take coffee standing, it is forbidden, but to drink it sitting down, it is authorized », all this circus shows and demonstrates every day the extent of the national intellectual disaster. This « Castexoise » maxim, worthy of inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records, has been applied to the letter by a majority of cafe owners and restaurant owners. Too strong! Subsidies when you hold us…(12)

The majority of doctors who are asleep thanks to the subsidies of pharmaceutical laboratories have forgotten that the Ordre des Médecins — which puts obstacles in the way of every honest practitioner — was created during the Vichy government.(13)

The racialist bourgeois left which governs us since the departure of General de Gaulle, more concerned with destroying the moral, family, religious and cultural values of our country by opening the doors to unbridled wokism, to a perverted gender theory — pleonasm — and to the imposition of LGBTQ+, can only lead to the extinction of our civilization. This disgusting racialist left has already been active in 1789, because this « revolution », of which almost everyone boasts, was in fact only a coup d’état in order to preserve and amplify their existing privileges, to confiscate and monopolize a majority of private property, to destroy spiritual values by sacking churches and being guilty of a regicide

This greedy and nauseating bourgeoisie, under the guise of altruism and humanity, continues to support a carefully calculated criminal world plan whose sole purpose is to reduce the population and keep it in slavery.

It’s time for action. Those who act will recognize themselves. As for the others, here is something to think about:

- To do nothing is to give them a free hand.

- To do nothing is to leave a dehumanized world to future generations.

- To do nothing is to allow a caste to continue to enrich itself at the expense of everyone.

- To do nothing is to be complicit.

- Doing nothing means letting others decide for you.

Nothing is written. Everything can change, because you can create the future. Remember, the future is in your hands for better or for worse.

Challenging things to help society thrive is a duty. Resistance and civil disobedience is the right credo.

Claude Janvier

Writer, essayist. Co-author, with Jean-Loup Izambert, investigative journalist, of the books « Le virus et le président » and « Covid-19, le bilan en 40 questions ». IS Edition.

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