They don’t want this world anymore!

Some people sometimes tell us that « Antiproductivist » sounds bad, that it is « negative ». We believe that this is a knee-jerk reaction created by a society of political correctness and greenwashing, which has succeeded in hiding the real negative, factual, behind words of positive appearance: « sustainable development », to continue to grow and pollute, « ecological transition », « green », « sustainable », for an « ecological » extractivism, a greenish varnish alibi of the power so that one locates this power elsewhere than in the continuation of the same one. A « sustainable » that supports nothing but the same thing.

AgroParisTech students, during the 2022 graduation ceremony, held a speech that no politician is capable of holding, or even thinking. The bosses and other captains of industry must have been clenching their butts in the room, because these future students, with integrity and courage, were telling them no less than they did not want these years of study and their outlets, reconnecting with the land, the peasantry, simplicity, the meaning of life. 

Let the revolt spread! Quickly. 

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