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The LGBT lobby does not touch the Elysée

Maxppp — Thomas Padilla

« No one can use such a rumor without discrediting himself.

This is a statement from Le Monde about the rumor that Brigitte Macron is a man(1). The tone of all mass media, at least in France, is the same. Let’s take an example almost at random: « Stinking ball: ‘Jean-Michel Trogneux’: a smoky theory accuses Brigitte Macron of being a man », Marianne, December 16, 2021(2). For the French mass media, it is understood: the slightest question about the sex of the first lady of France can only come from a deranged mind, a « conspiracy theorist », a « troll » of the « fachosphere », etc.

All this is taboo.

What is notable is that almost never is any counter-argument put forward. Here, the mere mention of the case is sanctioned by a demonization. However, Denis Robert’s website, Blast! which cannot be accused of being a follower of the extreme right, remarked on April1, 2022: « The quantity of details provided by Natacha Rey [l’enquêtrice soutenant la thèse] is disturbing. Certificates, montages and superimpositions of photos, strange circumstances, holes in online archives, typos on official documents, refusal of institutions to provide him with documents open to the public, anatomical observations, medical expertises… It is understandable that it is tempting to be convinced(3).  » On April 3, the continuation of the Blast! investigation delivers a counter-argument other than the usual insults of the French press(4).

Nevertheless, to take just one example, it is surprising, to say the least, that Madame Macron seems unable to present a single photo of herself as a young woman, even though she comes from a bourgeois family. And that the 2 or 3 provided to the press all seem not to be his. The proper attitude of a professional journalist should be to have the courage to ask all the questions, to « think against oneself », even in the face of the theses that may seem the most improbable, even if it means quickly refuting them.

An example: let’s imagine that the Epstein-Maxwell affair was covered up and that a « rumor » was spread on the Internet about the existence of a « pleasure island » in the Caribbean. There, part of the world’s elite — including a former US president (Bill Clinton), Bill Gates, Prince Andrew of England — would consume very young sexual fresh flesh brought down by the boss of a Parisian modeling agency, all organized by a transhumanist who wanted to cryogenize his testicles to create a superior race, with the daughter of the press magnate Robert Maxwell as accomplice and lover. Let’s imagine again how the mass mediawould have treated this case. The usual insults would rain down and Le Monde would have threatened: « No one can use such a rumor without discrediting himself ». Notwithstanding the endorsement of all the delusions, this should lead to a sharpening of the critical spirit regarding the real role of the mass media.

None of that here. The hypothesis is more than rejected, it is forbidden. The police harassment that Natacha Rey says she suffered when the State became aware of her investigation leaves one wondering: this lady would have endured, according to her statements, long hours of police interrogations. His whole life would have been scrutinized, culminating in the loss of his home after his landlords were themselves questioned by the police. This is a government that claims to be at the forefront of LGTB+ rights and yet, when confronted with this issue, behaves like a police dictatorship. For this is not the least of the paradoxes of this story. The most common term used to describe this rumor by the mass media is « transphobic »(5). However, if one considers oneself a real « progressive », the presence of a transvestite first lady at the Élysée should be a matter of pride, unless one is truly « transphobic ».

In the same way, starting on the left, the pedocriminal affair(6) on which the Macron couple is based seems to be a taboo in French society itself. So much so that when the very politically correct mayor of Paris recently declared, without even thinking about it: « I could never have fallen in love with a teenager(7) « (Le Parisien, March 18), the sky immediately fell on her head. It didn’t take more than this very harmless exit to cause alarm; the media-political class choked at the sacrilege(8). The famous Jean-Michel Apathie, who had worked so hard to bring down Nicolas Hulot (accused of abusing a young woman), immediately tweeted, « For this nauseating statement, the @partisocialiste should withdraw its support to @Anne_Hidalgo. » (March 18, 2022). 

Nevertheless, even Brigitte Macron’s Wikipedia entry lets this sentence pass: « Their relationship could fall under Article 227–27 of the Penal Code, which enshrines the offense of sexual molestation of a minor, and which now states that a teacher who has sexual relations with a minor student over the age of 15 faces up to three years in prison. » In March 2022, a 23-year-old English teacher was sentenced to 6 years in prison for having sex with a 14-year-old student. She will be considered a sex offender for life. She was 20 years old at the time of the events. Except to be « sexist », that Brigitte Macron was a man or a woman does not change the seriousness of her relationship with one of her teenage students, then aged 39. But simply stating these facts immediately demonizes. Even better: this encounter was repainted as a wonderful non-conformist love story by the mainstream media. At the same time, for acts of the same nature committed by some of its religious, the same mass media are unleashed and accuse the Catholic Church. How to explain this double standard in full view of everyone? Do we necessarily have to be far-right, « conspiracy-minded » or « anti-vax » to wonder?

In any case, one thing seems certain: unless there is a dramatic turn of events, it is not from France that this type of information, or even questioning, can come out. The media system is totally locked in. We will have to wait for possible revelations from foreign countries to be published.

What if it came from Belgium?


Constantin Mirabel

Notes et références
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  8. Un seul exemple de son propre camp avec : Julien Dray, figure du PS : « Inadmissible et intolérable ..  le parti socialiste ne peut accepter et défendre une telle déclaration de madame Hidalgo . !!! » (Twitter, 18 mars 2022)

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