The crazies won’t stop

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The paradox is the following: to be able to realize that one has been manipulated, one must be little manipulable. Aporia from which we can only get out by electroshock.

Nothing to expect:

- of the mass media, even those journalists who hide behind their credits and other obligations, it is too late. Silence is criminal!

- doctors, zealous collaborators of a system who would only be able to become aware of it (or at least to be forced to leave the matrix .…) once the « Reich » has fallen;

- of parents who have pushed their child to vaccination, and therefore somewhere to life reduction or death;

- politicians, corrupt, even « less » than others, and murderers.

- of citizens who even today continue to obey, even if the orders have disappeared, and play the game of division. As Slobodan Despot expressed it perfectly in the Antipresse magazine:« They are attached to this dysfunctional nomenklatura like the client of a two-seater paraglider to his instructor who has a heart attack in mid-flight »; they will therefore fall with it. 

Focus on the ones you can still touch. To work with authentic people, ready to lose the world in which they still find their advantages, in order to find what makes the joy of living.

Find ways to broadcast in a guerrilla media mode, subversive.

Hold on, and for those who still think that the first shocks were accidental, realize that there will be in history a before and after Covid, as for Jesus Christ.

While some dream of the improbable awakening of those who have already put a shroud over their minds, Alexander De Croo is talking to the boss of Black Rock in Davos…

Happy New Year 2023!

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