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The Covid in Paraguay…

This testimony, beyond what it says about the political management of Covid in a Latin American country, poses the question of exile in order to find a better place elsewhere. A rolling stone does not gather moss?

Sad tropics, sad world

The famous coronavirus; I used to make jokes about it in the corridors, in the office. From the beginning, I was annoyed by the media circus, but I had no idea that this was a historic moment that would change so many things in my life. The first comments arrive, insidious: « he still kisses, it is not careful ». Fear has taken control of the minds. Nothing will ever be the same again. 

The first deleterious measure arrives. School closed, but from Monday. « You have to be organized, you see. I think it’s so over the top. It looks like an atomic bomb has fallen. I was not yet aware that they would go much further. 

A few days later, the show had a famous twist and I started to laugh out loud. « Containment », the word is out. For everyone, no jealousy. « You have to be supportive, you understand, little lady? ». Reversal of the burden of proof: everyone is considered sick except the one who can prove it with a test. And again, we are never sure: « You still have to stay at home, there are false negatives, you understand ». 

Three weeks to flatten the curve, they said. The gravediggers, self-proclaimed experts, and their death drives had taken over our lives. I understood right away that this was not a pandemic, but I didn’t understand why they were taking steps that would kill the economy. I started to reinform myself and to get interested in politics (the real one, the one that organizes the life of the city). Theories that I had rejected until now were finally making sense. 

The world’s leaders, anticipating the end of capitalism, permeated by its own contradictions, have decided to blow the whistle on the end of the game. Gone is the hyper capitalism of consumption, the human being has become cumbersome and obsolete. We are entering an era of rationing and transhumanism. 

Helped by technology and artificial intelligence, we are enjoined to consume less, move less and finally breathe as little as possible. « You’re releasing carbon, murderer! ». The ultimate goal, in the long term, is a process of depopulation. In short, the Great Reset. The shock is hard! Even though I’ve always hated them, knowing that they want to eliminate us is still pretty unpleasant. At the same time, it has the merit of clarifying the game. 

November 2020, after a new round of illegal and illegitimate restrictions, and having understood that « all this shit » won’t stop; the decision is made: I’m leaving, I’m exiling myself. 

To go and live in the deep countryside of the south of France or Spain, to do permaculture to aim for autonomy in food, water and energy, and even in education and health. A crazy project considering my gardening and DIY skills. My dearest is not very enthusiastic. I change my mind and propose to him to return to his country located in the Tropics, in South America. The situation in Belgium is so exasperating that I am obsessed with a radical change. Hesitantly, she finally accepts and here we are for a journey of more than a year. 

When I arrived in Brazil, the mask is omnipresent in the street, even on the faces of small children. Even though it is not mandatory. This is a bad start! The looks on the unmasked gringos that we are, are disapproving. Fortunately, as you leave the big cities, the mask becomes less common and it stinks less of hydroalcoholic gel. Sometimes we have to dodge a « sanitary barrier » (PCR test) but the indoor mask is generalized. 

When we arrived in Paraguay, and saw far fewer masks in the street, we said to ourselves that we had won. We found paradise and freedom. The joy was short-lived. At the entrance of the stores, sinks to wash your hands. Then a guard generously sprays your hands, and at the same time your children’s faces, with hydroalcoholic solution. He checks that your mask is on and that you have washed your little handcuffs. When oppression becomes laughable… 

But the coup de grace will come a little later. After two years of distance learning in a country where a large part of the population does not have access to a personal computer, the real school has returned. Oh joy, oh happiness! When my oldest son enrolled in primary school, we learned that the mask is mandatory (although it is not yet mandatory in Belgium). I hold myself back from crying with rage, after a journey of more than 10,000 kilometers to escape pseudo-sanitary totalitarianism, here it is catching up with us full force! 

After bitter discussions with my wife, I abdicate. With a heavy heart, I send my son with the muzzle on his face. I explain to him that it is a ridiculous obligation and to remove it as much as possible. Fortunately, he is rebellious and therefore inclined to break the rules. I try to reassure myself given the school’s very short post-covid schedule and check the oxygen saturation level. Nevertheless, I feel like a coward and I will never fully forgive myself. The mask is imposed in some preschools but we found one free of this obligation for our youngest son. Even if the fact of seeing some of his companions, and especially his teacher, masked will also have consequences. 

More generally, I do not recognize the capital of my adopted country. The atmosphere is gloomy and not very Latino. 

The streets are deserted and there is little animation. A mixture of fear, habit (« stay at home ») and economic crisis. Asunción seems to be extinct. Covidism has taken its toll everywhere. 

Sad tropics.

As in Europe, the measures have been greatly relaxed recently. 

Until when? The next pseudo-pandemic? As in Europe, inflation is high and misery is gaining ground in a country that is already very poor. 

It’s time to take stock. 

I will never get used to seeing these motorcyclists without helmets but conscientiously wearing their masks, these young children masked up to their ears, these obese diabetics thinking they care about their health by smearing their hands with chemicals, … Instinctively, I know it’s a death wish, the exact opposite of what they claim. Death is life. 

Sad tropics, sad world. 

I am therefore addressing all those who would be tempted by exile. You are free to do so, of course. But make sure you know the reality of the country. Paradoxically, in Guaraní land, many Westerners come to escape the vaccine but I discovered that the population in general was very fond of vaccines, including covid, and especially among children. This is something to consider. However, the covid vaccination rate is one of the lowest in Latin America. Another paradox, in this country where the people have a very good knowledge of medicinal plants. 

More generally, I think that exile for health reasons is wrong. It is our whole way of life that needs to be reviewed, in my humble opinion. And it’s easier to do in a country you know. So I’m going back to Europe. So I’m going to surround myself with conscious people and create a network. A lot has been built in the last year. Another society is being built and I intend to participate in it. 

They want to control us, lock us up and impoverish us. We will be elusive, free and united. 


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