« Suspended… caregivers between two worlds » — a film by Fabien Moine

On July 12, 2021, without consultation, the nation’s caregivers were faced with a choice: keep their jobs through a series of medical injections or be suspended from duty by September 15. On that date, tens of thousands of them were left without work, without income and without help. In the popular indifference but also that of their institution and the media.

They remain suspended, between two worlds… That of a technocratic past in full collapse, without consideration nor means, based on the output and the technology. And another where everything is to be built, free from blackmail and pressure from the supervisory authorities, with a resolutely human and integrative vision of health.

This documentary looks back on two years of crisis and deconstructs a system in which caregivers have been used and manipulated. Sometimes understaffed, sometimes exposed to an unknown virus and sometimes contaminated, wearing garbage bags with masks and makeshift gloves. Or applauded in the evening at the window. Before being blackmailed into accepting a treatment that is still in the experimental phase, they were called cowards, traitors and selfish. How did they experience this? What were their doubts, their fears and the reactions of their institution and their colleagues? What is their vision of medicine, of health? Do they still consider themselves caregivers? How do they live today and how do they project themselves into the future in a system in disarray?

More than testimonies, it is a deep look at our system, our institutions, the passion of the other and the commitment towards a better world, collective.

Caroline Blondel, Gregory Pamart, Carole Fouché, Louis Fouché, Judith Rémy, Éric Loridan and Aurélie Colin tell us about their experience of this crisis and their hopes. The whole thing is carried with poetry on an original music by Cécile Petit and choreographies by Aurore Borgo. Because dancing with the crisis and smiling at tomorrow is one of the many messages carried by this film.

Watch the film as a free and conscious participant.

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